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Get Ready for Fall

Starting your college career is an exciting time. To ensure a successful and smooth transition to Clark, use the list below to keep track of everything you need to do. Make sure to start early with advising and course registration — first-year courses fill up quickly. For any questions or concerns, please email

Due May 31

Activate your Clark account to gain access to our network services, including Clark email (where you will receive official University communications) and your ClarkYOU account (the portal where you can register for housing and meal plans, find information about classes and billing, access much of what Clark has to offer, and update your information on CUWeb).

In the Admissions portal, you can find your Clark username and ID information, then click the button below to begin.

Activate your account

Need help?
Visit Information Technology Services (ITS)

Download Clark’s health forms and review the requirements to see if you need to set up an appointment with your doctor and update your vaccines. The forms and vaccines are necessary to comply with Massachusetts immunization regulations. By June 27, you will need to submit the forms to Health Services using your Clark credentials.

Download health forms

Upload health forms using Clark credentials

If you’re interested in our popular pre-Orientation programs — the Advancing Clark Excellence (ACE) Summer Institute or Connections@Clark — you need to apply by May 31, the priority deadline. Both programs are free.

ACE, the University’s four-year support program for first-generation and U.S. students of color, will be held Aug. 6-23, 2023.

Learn about the ACE Summer Institute

Connections, which provides incoming first-year and transfer students of color an opportunity to build community and become change agents at Clark, is scheduled for Aug. 19-23, 2023.

Learn about Connections

Learn more about what the Office of Identity, Student Engagement, and Access has to offer

The First Year Student Success Advisers are here to support you through your transition to Clark and throughout your academic journey. To begin, schedule a meeting with them to review the checklist and all summer requirements, have all your questions answered, and feel prepared and confident this summer.

The Strategic Learning Services program supports students by pairing them with a learning coach for at least one hour per week to holistically track long-term success, building students’ self-confidence, motivation, and self-reliance through individualized study strategies adapted to individual student needs and learning styles. Email Micky Roberts ( to set up an appointment to learn more and sign up for the program.

Due June 9

Apply to live on campus and select your meal plan option if you are an incoming first-year student, or a first-year or sophomore transfer student.

Be sure to complete your housing request form and select your meal plan as soon as you can so that your bill reflects accurate information. The form will become available on May 31, 2023.

Visit Housing website to apply now

View move-in dates

The mathematics placement test is used as a prerequisite for several courses. You are required to take the test if you plan on taking a math class or PSYC 105 (Statistics).

If you are not taking those classes, then you still may want to take the mathematics placement test to obtain an independent assessment of your quantitative ability.

Here’s how to take the test:

  1. Log onto the Canvas website with your Clark username and password.
  2. Click “Enroll in Course” on the right, and then “Go to the Course.”

Registration for fall semester classes will take place in July for most students, but it is important to understand the process now.

Log in to Moodle, Clark’s course management system, to complete the online  Advising and Registration Tutorial, through which you will learn about the course catalog, classes available, course registration, and how to connect with your adviser.

You must complete the tutorial before you can schedule an appointment with your adviser (no later than June 27). Once you take the tutorial, you should receive an email from your summer adviser to set up a meeting (the Moodle registration for advising will go live on June 9).

In addition, you need to fill out the Adviser Information Form so your adviser knows more about your interests.

Note: Students registered with Student Accessibility Services and student athletes may participate in early registration, and should look in their Clark email account for important deadlines.

Take the tutorial

Fill out the Adviser Information Form

Clark University provides support for qualified students who register with Student Accessibility Services (SAS), where the staff works with students to coordinate academic and residential accommodations and other services on campus. If you have documented accommodations, please send your information to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) by June 9 for their review. This deadline is important for housing and course accommodations. Students registered with SAS are also invited to campus early to participate in SAS Early Orientation.

For more information about our accessibility support services, visit our website, email, or call 1-508-798-4368.

Due June 27

Submit required health forms to Clark’s Health Services. The forms are necessary to comply with Massachusetts immunization regulations.

Keep copies of all your health forms for your own records. You will be notified via your Clark email account regarding the status of your health forms.

Upload health forms using Clark credentials

You know you’re an official Clarkie when you get your Clark OneCard. It’s more than a campus ID; you need a OneCard to store money and access many campus services and buildings, including your residence hall, the parking garage, events, printing, and more.

All students must have a photo ID. Submit a digital photo online, and your OneCard will be printed and ready for you when you arrive for Orientation.

Photo requirements are similar to those for a driver’s license or passport. Use a JPG/JPEG file no larger than 480-by-640 pixels, and less than 200 KB in file size. Log in to your Clark account to submit your photo.

Submit your photo (log in to your Clark account)

Find out more about the OneCard

By now, you should have signed onto Moodle and taken the Advising and Registration Tutorial, which prompted an email from your summer adviser.

By June 27, you need to schedule a meeting with your adviser over Zoom to review your goals for the fall semester and discuss courses that interest you and fit your schedule. (Before your meeting, be sure to complete the Adviser Information Form, review the course catalog, and check out courses available for fall 2023.) (The Moodle registration for advising becomes available on June 6.)

After reviewing your possible schedule, your adviser will release your personal identification number (PIN) so you can register for courses during your meeting. Most likely, you will register for four courses for the fall semester, along with any labs, discussions, and Navigator sections necessary.

You have until July 25 to meet with your adviser and register for classes. Classes fill up quickly, it’s better to meet sooner rather than later.

Note: Students registered with Student Accessibility Services and student athletes may participate in early registration, and should look in their Clark email account for important deadlines.

Be sure to check your email in mid-to-late June regarding your fall bill, and access it online by June 27. Your final payment for the fall semester is due Aug. 11, but it’s important to make sure everything is correct in case you need to reach out to the Student Accounts Office.

To view semester invoices and monthly billing statements, log into ClarkYOU with your Clark credentials to view your student account.

  • Log onto CUWeb with your and your password
  • Select Main Menu from selections on left
  • Select Registrar’s Office, Student Account and Financial Aid
  • Select Student Account Information
  • Select View and Pay Student Account 

Your bill will include information about your housing and dining options, financial aid, insurance, tuition and fees, and more.

While viewing your bill in the Bill and Payment Center, you can:

  • Check out payment plan options.
  • Set up an authorized user (“third party”) on your student account.
  • Purchase tuition insurance.
  • Create a refund profile in the event that Clark owes you money.

Log onto CUWeb

More information about bills  

Authorized Users

If you want a family member or someone else to receive e-bill notifications and view your e-bill, you must grant this authorization by following the steps below. Once you do, they will receive an email message whenever your e-bill is available; you also will receive that email message via your Clark email.

Note: You must log in to CUWeb to accomplish this task.

  • Once you are logged into CUWeb, click on Registration under CUWeb (Welcome tab).
  • On Registration page, click on red bar that says Student Services & Financial Aid.
  • On Student Services and Financial page, click on Student Account Information.
  • On Student Account page, click on View and Pay Student Account to go to the site.
  • On, to view bills, go to the Your Bills box on right side, and click on  View All.
  • On the same page, you also may authorize a third party. In the Parent and Third Party Authorizations box at bottom left, click on Add New.
  • On the Parent or Third Party PIN Information page, you may enter information about your parent or third party. Note: In the first box, Parent or Third Party Authorization, enter a unique identifier such as the parent or third party’s name; this creates a user name.
  • Complete the remaining information and click OK.

More information about bills  

In accordance with Massachusetts state law, Clark University requires all matriculated full-time and three-quarter-time students to participate in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) unless they provide proof of comprehensive comparable coverage under a policy filed and approved in the U.S.

A health insurance charge will be listed on your fall semester bill.

If you are a U.S. student:

  • Your plan must provide access to doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, and behavioral health providers in the Clark University campus area. 
  • The policy must be a U.S. health insurance plan that is filed and approved in the U.S. and Affordable Care Act-compliant. Travel insurance and short-term limited duration plans are not accepted.
  • Out-of-state Medicaid and many out-of-state HMO or EPO plans do not provide out-of-network coverage. Urgent and/or emergency-only coverage does not meet the SHIP requirements. This is particularly a concern if you are insured through a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), such as Kaiser.
  • Please check with your insurance company on possible limitations before submitting a waiver form. Health insurance plans that do not reasonably provide access for all health services to the student in the Worcester, Mass., area are not eligible for a waiver.
  • You may apply for a waiver online by visiting

If you are an international student and you are covered by a U.S. health insurance plan that meets all of the waiver requirements:

  • Contact University Health Plans at 1-800-437-6448 or to request the international student waiver form.

Due July 27

Clark Engage is the hub of student activity at Clark. Log in with your Clark credentials to set up your Clark Engage account and check-in app profile.

On Clark Engage, you can find student organizations, learn about upcoming events and activities, track involvement, and get a sense of all that Clark has to offer. As you get more involved, Clark Engage is your destination for how to join clubs, manage activities, and build out your experiences.

Set up your profile

To contact you in case of an emergency, Clark needs your most up-to-date information before you get to campus. Your emergency contact information will be used only if the University needs to contact someone if you are involved in an emergency situation.

Log into ClarkYOU with your Clark credentials, and find the Emergency Contacts by clicking on the ClarkALERTS Updater box on the right side, then clicking the link in the bottom paragraph that reads “Update your emergency contacts.”

Once inside the main menu of CUWeb, click the “Personal Information” tab and then “Update Emergency Contacts.” Select someone you want to have notified, and provide their contact information.

FERPA Waiver

As you are updating your Emergency Contact information, this may be a good time to decide whether you want to complete a FERPA Waiver. The Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) provides for the confidentiality of student educational records. This means that Clark may not disclose and/or discuss information about you without your permission, which is granted by submitting a waiver through your CUWeb Account. This includes grades, conduct information, or anything that is not deemed a health and safety emergency by the University.

If you accepted your Federal Direct Stafford Loan(s), you received an email in mid-June from the Office of Financial Assistance. The email included instructions about completing the Entrance Loan Counseling and Master Promissory Note (MPN); the deadline is July 27.

If you wish to decline or reduce the loan(s) awarded to you, please submit this request to from your Clark University email account.

Questions? Contact Financial Assistance

To finalize enrollment at Clark, Admissions needs your final transcript from your high school or your most recent undergraduate institution. Your transcript confirms the classes you’ve taken, and will be used for your eligibility for certain classes at Clark.

Contact the Admissions Office if you have specific questions about what is required.

Contact Undergraduate Admissions

Students hoping to transfer college credit to Clark University are encouraged to submit their transcripts as soon as they are available for course registration.

Do you plan on seeking employment or an internship while at Clark?

Clark offers two online tools for finding jobs and internships: Handshake and ClarkCONNECT.


Whether you are a first-year or transfer student, you can find jobs on campus or in the local community by using Clark’s online job portal, Handshake. Log in using your Clark email address and password; your profile has already been created for you.

Follow these steps:

  • Load your updated resume and cover letter into Handshake.
  • Polish your materials with helpful feedback from Career Lab staff, who will provide feedback in the Handshake portal.
  • Apply for jobs, and keep applying until you’re hired.
  • When you come to campus, bring your original identification documents to satisfy federal I-9 requirements so you can be set up in our payroll system.

Contact Student Employment


Another option for finding jobs and internships is to set up an account on ClarkCONNECT, an easy-to-use platform that connects you to more than 6,000 Clark alumni, students, and faculty. Through this network, you can find a mentor, learn about an industry, get advice from professionals, explore research collaborations, and apply to jobs, internships, and ClarkCONNECT projects.

Set up your ClarkCONNECT profile

For more information

For more information on the job search process, plus links to resume and cover letter resources, visit the Clark Career Connections Center’s Student Employment page.

Settling into your new home just got easier thanks to Collegiate Concepts!  Rent your own MicroFridge through Collegiate Concepts and we deliver it to your room before you arrive on campus. This MicroFridge Unit has been approved by Clark University for use in all residential communities. Microfridges are combination microwave/fridge units; they are the only microwaves permitted in the residence halls. It has a true zero-degree freezer and only one plug to the wall to save on outlet space. Details will be sent out for a hassle-free pickup at the end of the year, you will simply clean the unit and leave it in your room and we will do the rest. No need to buy a mini fridge and struggle to find a home for it after the year is over, we’ve got you covered!

Rent a microfridge

International students must submit their arrival information to the International Center by filling out the Arrival Form (mandatory). 

International students arriving to the Boston Logan International Airport on Monday, Aug.  21, are encouraged to participate in the International Center’s Airport Shuttle program. To use this service, students must sign up by July 27 by filling out the Airport Shuttle Form.

Due Aug. 11

By now, you probably have become familiar with the Bill and Payment Center, available by logging into ClarkYOU and CUWeb with your Clark credentials.

By Aug. 11, we ask you to create a refund profile in the event that Clark owes you money during your time here.

Log onto CUWeb

To avoid registration holds and loss of class time, all students must pay the balances on their Clark bills by Aug. 11, 2023.

Learn more about paying bills

By Aug. 11, you need to complete several requirements:

Contact Information

Division of Student Success

Office Information
Office Hours
  • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Monday through Friday