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VLabs is an application streaming service offered by ITS for students and faculty who need access to specialist technology from their personal devices. While some of this software is available for download and installation on your own computer, VLabs offers you the ability to connect to a desktop environment and stream certain software from your browser, regardless of your operating system or device specifications. VLabs will run on practically any device with a modern browser, but click here for the requirements.

An Important Note

When using VLabs, while it looks like a normal desktop environment, once your session ends, any files saved to the environment will be deleted. This will happen if you end the session, or if the session times out due to inactivity. Therefore, you should save any files to OneDrive regularly. See the instructions below on how to connect your OneDrive to your VLabs profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

The software offered on VLabs changes each semester. For the 23/24 academic year the following software is planned to be available, though additional applications may be added during the semester.

Planned Availability for Academic Year 2023/2024

  • ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro (3.1)
  • MATLAB (R2023a)
  • Microsoft Access (2021)
  • Microsoft Excel (2021)
  • Python (Anaconda 2023.03)
  • SAS (9.4.566)
  • SPSS (
  • Stata BE (18)
  • Terrset (19.08)

Faculty, if you are planning on using VLabs for a coming semester, and did not mark your interest on your classroom request form, please email the so that we can ensure that we have enough resources for your students.

If you are a faculty member who would like to know if software you use for teaching is a candidate to be added to VLabs, please email

ITS works to ensure that we have enough computing resources to support all VLabs users. However,  at times, we may require some time to prepare a device, at which time, you may receive an error.

If you receive an “Insufficient Resources” error, we ask that you wait 15 minute and try to again access VLabs. If the problem persists, please call the Help Desk.

Please contact the Help Desk for more help on this service.