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All members of the campus community have the ability to print to print stations directly from their personal or Clark-provided computers.

  • OneCard Printing stations are available in community areas including Goddard Library and Computing spaces across campus.
  • Print Queues are managed by ITS and generally found in the academic and administrative departments and offices.

If you are seeking Poster Printing, see the service page for more information.

Black and White Printers

  • Goddard Library, 1st Floor, by the ramp to the Help Desk (107)
  • Goddard Library, 1st Floor, by the Office for Academic Support (104)
  • Goddard Library, 2nd Floor, 206A
  • Goddard Library, 2nd Floor, 218
  • Goddard Library, 3rd Floor, 321
  • University Center, 1st Floor, by the Information Desk
  • Jonas Clark, 1st Floor, by 105
  • Dana Commons, 1st Floor, Lobby
  • Math & Physics Building,

Color Printers

  • Goddard Library, 2nd Floor, 206A
  • Traina Center, 3rd Floor, 302

Print jobs can also be submitted via email. This allows you to print documents from your personal laptop, smartphone, tablet, or any device you can email from.

  1. To print in black and white, send an email from your Clark email account to with each document you want to print as an attachment. To print in color, send the email to Attachments must be a PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Visio, OpenOffice, Image (GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP), or text document.
  2. Wait for a confirmation email letting you know your documents are ready.
  3. Release the documents from any print release station on campus. Each attachment will be a unique print job.

Print jobs submitted from email are always duplexed.

Print jobs can be submitted by printing from any public computer or computer lab on campus. When ready to print:

  1. Use the Print command and select the global onecard printer or global onecard printer color. 
  2. Select Print to queue the job.
  3. Go to the appropriate OneCard Swipe Printer and swipe your Clark ID to release the print.

Your print allocation will update automatically.

All students at Clark receive a printing allowance each semester which may be redeemed in any community printing area (e.g., printing in public labs, the Goddard Library, etc.). The free printing allocations (per semester) are distributed to all active students as follows:

  • $35 – Fall Semester (renewed in late August)
  • $35 – Spring Semester (renewed in early January)
  • $14 – Summer Semester (renewed in late May)

$35 is the equivalent to 500 black and white double-sided pages. When the allocation is used up, students can still print using the funds on their OneCard.

The cost of your print job will depend on the number of pages you print and whether you choose to print the document single or double sided.

  • A black & white, single sided print will cost $0.10 per page
  • A black & white, double-sided print will cost $0.07 per page
  • A color, single sided print will cost $0.30 per page
  • A color, double-sided print will cost $0.57 per page
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