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In support of the university’s mission and organizational goals, Clark is pleased to provide Qualtrics Research Core. With Qualtrics Research Core, users can create forms and complex research surveys to gather, organize and visualize data.

Qualtrics Research Core is reviewed by Clark’s Information Technology team and Institutional Review Board. It is approved for conducting research surveys at Clark. Use of Qualtrics survey is in accordance and the Clark Appropriate Use Policy and Data Security Policies. If necessary, IRB approval is required prior to launching a survey and collecting data from participants.


Clark University subscribes to Qualtrics support which allows all members of the Clark community to get help from Qualtrics directly.

Qualtrics Support offers extensive videos, how-to guides, and survey best practices on their support site (Qualtrics Support). Additionally, you can log in to chat, email or talk to a representative over the phone.

  1. Click here to visit the Qualtrics Support portal
  2. Select the Sign in with SSO option
  3. Enter “clarku” for the organization-ID

Frequently Asked Questions

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool and includes the following question types: Multiple Choice, Constant Sum, Rank Order, Matrix Table, Drill Down, Text Entry, File Upload, Slider, Heat Map, Gap Analysis and many more.

Qualtrics supports rich media and can be used to design and publish adaptive and customized survey experiences. Qualtrics also includes reporting with basic visualizations.

Well designed surveys can minimize complexity for participants and other sources of error. The resources below provide more information about constructing effective survey questions and minimizing measurement error:

Survey Questions 101: Do You Make any of These 7 Question Writing Mistakes?

The 10 Commandments For Writing Outstanding Survey Questions

Keep up with theoretical and methodological advances with the journal: Public Opinion Quarterly

All Clark account holders have access to Qualtrics. Get started by clicking Login and Build above.

Qualtrics is a web-based solution and uses forms for designing surveys. All you need is web browser and an internet connection. Though not a requirement, it is best practice to develop a survey instrument in a text editor before creating a web survey in Qualtrics.

Clark University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) is responsible for ensuring research conducted by faculty, staff, and students, protects the rights and welfare of human subjects. Approval may be required prior to publishing a survey in Qualtrics. Visit the IRB website for more information.

Clark University is committed to ensuring that all human subjects research is conducted in accordance with the basic ethical principles widely adopted by professional societies and as prescribed in federal regulations. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Office of Sponsored Programs and Research (OSPR) at Clark must approve of research methods through an application and review process prior to any contact with potential subjects. For more information, visit the Sponsored Programs and Research IRB website.

Qualtrics Survey software is vendor hosted web service. It is installed on a public web server and hosts surveys that are public facing. Data is stored in a secured database and can be accessed only by authorized Clark University domain users (eg. faculty staff and students). Qualtrics is role and permission based, therefore only a researcher, and specified designees, can access a survey and the associated response data. Through a combination of software controls and standard practice, safe guards are in place to protect the safety of the survey participants:

  • Qualtrics has the capacity to anonymize responses, this ensures that a participant’s IP address is not retained in the software database.
  • Details about the security, reliability, and availability of data in Qualtrics are summarized in the linked pages:
  • Survey controls exist to prevent cookies from being planted on a participant’s browser. This can minimize the possibility of a domestic partner, family member, or other computer user seeing a participant’s response.
  • Researchers using the system agree to follow a standard protocol established by the Clark University IRB to ensure the overall safety of survey participants.
  • As a IT industry standard practice, web servers have the capacity to — and do — log IP addresses of incoming internet traffic. All Clark Information Technology Staff operate under a confidentiality agreement. In addition, only IT staff with proper training have access to such logs. Finally, ITS staff do not make it a practice to view web server logs.
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