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Your Clark Account is the starting point for all services at Clark. It authenticates that you are who you say you are, allows access to the Clark network, and verifies what resources you have permission to use.

Resources controlled by your Clark Account include email, ClarkYOU, network file storage, Canvas courses, use of lab computers and printing, etc. You will find that you need to login to a variety of web pages on the Clark site to check (or enter) grades, fill out forms, request additional services, etc.

Use of your Clark Account indicates that you agree to abide by the Policy for Appropriate Use of Computing Resources.

How to start using your Clark Account

To begin using your Clark Account, you will need to know your username, and initial password.

  • Students: You can access these details through your admissions platform (Slate). If you need help locating your information, contact your admissions advisor.
  • Faculty: Faculty account information will be issued after all HR paperwork has been completed and your department approves their release. If you need help locating your information, please contact your departmental contact.
  • Staff: Usually staff will be issued their account information in-person on their first day of employment. If you believe that you need access to your account prior to arriving on campus, please discuss your need with your supervisor.

Once you’ve received your Clark Account information, you will need to activate your account using the link below.

Activate New Account


NEVER give your Clark Account password to anyone – even ITS. NEVER login to a computer and allow someone else to use the resources you have access to. This is a violation of the Policy for Appropriate Use of Computing Resources. In addition, use the Help Documents below to guide you in creating a strong password or in changing your password should the need arise.

Information on how to change your password

If your department requires an individual to have temporary, restricted or special access to Clark resources, you will need to request a Guest Account.

Request Guest Account

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