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Vaccinations are required to attend Clark in the fall. Upload a copy of your vaccination card now.

What is a Clark Account?

Your Clark Account is the starting point for all services provided on a computer network. It authenticates that you are who you say you are, allows access to the Clark network, and verifies what network resources you have permission to use.

Network resources controlled by your Clark Account include email, ClarkYOU, network file storage, Moodle courses, use of lab computers and printing, and the like. You will find that you need to “login” to a variety of web pages on the Clark site to check (or enter) grades, fill out forms, request additional services, etc.

Use of your Clark Account indicates that you agree to abide by the Policy for Appropriate Use of Computing Resources.

Activate an Account

New Clark Accounts must be activated by you before they can be used for all network services. If you haven’t done this already, you should activate now at the Clark Account Activate Your Account web page.

Password Security

NEVER give your Clark Account password to anyone – even ITS. NEVER login to a computer and allow someone else to use the resources you have access to. This is a violation of the Policy for Appropriate Use of Computing Resources. In addition, use the Help Documents below to guide you in creating a strong password or in changing your password should the need arise.

Logging in to ClarkNet resources generally always requires three elements:

  • Your username (not case sensitive)
  • Your password (case sensitive)
  • Your domain (not case sensitive)

Which Domain?

All Clark students are in the Students domain.
Clark Faculty and Staff are in the Clarku domain.

How to Login:

The way you provide these credentials may differ based on the login box provided. Most web resources will provide a “domain” text box or drop-down where you can select your domain. See the image below for an example of this:

Login with Domain Box Provided


Login – No Domain Box Provided

When no “domain” field is provided, it is always a good idea to supply your domain as a prefix to your username, like this: domain\username. It is important that the slash you use in this instance is a backslash (\) NOT a forward slash (NOT /). See the image below.


Activate New Account

Request Guest Access


Contact Information

ITS Help Desk

Call or Email
Help Desk Support Hours for Summer 2021
  • Effective 6/5 our hours will be:

    Mon-Thu: 8am to 8pm
    Fri: 8am – 5pm
    Closed Saturday/Sunday

    Closed on 6/18, 7/5