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Begin studying for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). It is to your advantage to study all year long and take the June LSAT.

Remember to register in advance for the June LSAT to ensure that you get placed at the test center of your choice.

  • If you do not take the June LSAT, plan to study further for the exam over the summer and register for the September/October test date in your senior year. When you register for the LSAT, you should also register for the Law School Data Assembly Service (LSDAS). You can get a Law Service Information Book, complete with LSAT registration forms, in the Office of Career Services.
  • When you do register for the LSDAS, please check the box that allows Law Services to release your information to Clark. Your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence and will be of great use to the prelaw adviser in tracking our alumni and advising future prelaw students.
  • In the spring of your junior year, you should write your personal statement. Attend the workshop sponsored by Career Services and the Writing Center, “Writing the Graduate Professional School Essay.” You should show it to a few professors with whom you are comfortable, as well as to the Prelaw Advisory Committee. Don’t forget to allow ample time for those reviewing your statement to do so.
  • You should identify prospective faculty members from whom you would like a letter of recommendation. If you know that you will ask a particular professor to write you a recommendation, you may want to ask him or her before leaving for summer break. This will allow them adequate time to work on your letter and it will mean that you should not be delayed in getting a copy of your transcript, a draft of your personal statement, and a resume to each recommender.
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