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Moot Court Team

2023 Moot Court team

Moot Court simulates the appeals court process, where attorneys who are dissatisfied with the trial court-level ruling request that the next-level appellate court review the law and facts to determine if any errors occurred.

By engaging in a spirited debate of legal considerations and factual distinctions with a panel of judges, student advocates get the opportunity to hone their ability to review and understand complex legal precedents, compose succinct and persuasive arguments, and think quickly on their feet to respond to questions from the bench challenging their interpretations of law and fact. Moot Court is a wonderful compliment to Clark’s already successful Mock Trial program. The team is coached by Kendall Isaac, Clark’s general counsel and a former professor of appellate advocacy and dispute resolution.

Recent Moot Court Competitions


In 2023, Clark launched its first ever moot court team. The team competes in the American Moot Court Association annual tournament, the largest intercollegiate moot court tournament in the United States with hundreds of teams from colleges and universities around the country competing for recognition as the best at oral advocacy and/or brief writing.

The 2023 team consisted of Josh Reno ’27, Audrey Kivlin ’27, Afnaan Syed ’26, Ruo Wu ’27, and Ayele Mazurana ‘27. In its inaugural competition at The College of Holy Cross, the team received great collective feedback on their mastery of the subject matter and passionate advocacy for their client, and Afnaan Syed was specifically recognized as one of the 10 best oral advocates, placing him in the top 20% of all competitors.

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