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As you begin your preparation for law school, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you need to build a record of academic achievement.

Your record is the most important factor in determining your later options for law school. Now is the time to correct any academic weaknesses. If you are a plodding reader or a mediocre writer, seek out classes that will help to strengthen your skills. Visit the Writing Center; enroll in the Learning Skills course in the spring of your first year. Get help!

  • Join the Prelaw Society by signing up at the Student Activities Fair or by dropping a note, including your name, box number, class, and phone number, into the campus mail system. Address it to the Prelaw Society, Box B-42. The PLS is an important source of information concerning prelaw developments, both nationally and on campus.
  • By your sophomore year, you should register with the prelaw adviser by scheduling an appointment through Career Services. If you are planning to go abroad for your junior year, you need to make arrangements with the prelaw adviser so that your prelaw planning does not get delayed until your senior year.
  • Make an appointment with the Internship Coordinator in Career Services to discuss the possibilities of law-related internships or summer employment.
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