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What is Spirion (formerly Identity Finder)?

Spirion (formerly Identity Finder) is a scanning tool that searches for confidential information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and passwords that may be stored on your computer, file shares or removable drives. Spirion helps prevent data security breaches and identity theft by locating sensitive personal information and providing options for removing or protecting it. Clark has licensed Spirion to help faculty and staff protect this kind of data.

How can I get Spirion installed on my computer?

If your computer is managed by ITS, the Spirion has been installed automatically. You can find it in your installed programs list or you may have a desktop icon that looks like this:

If you can’t find Spirion, or need assistance finding it, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

Am I required to have Spirion installed on my Clark computer?

Yes. Similar to the University’s deployment of antivirus software, this tool is required to help protect Clark’s protected and confidential data.

Can ITS cleanup my data for me?

Although ITS may install the software and can provide assistance with the cleanup process, you must ultimately decide what data to securely delete or retain given your needs. Additionally, the software may find sensitive information such as passwords and personal financial account numbers that you should keep private, even from ITS staff.

Am I required to scan my computer using Spirion?

You should be doing a Spirion scan at least semi-annually; monthly if you work with protected data occasionally and weekly if you work with protected data on a regular basis. If a data loss incident occurs, you and/or your department may be responsible for running Spirion immediately.

Help and Tips

Before reviewing the files and content found by Spirion, we recommend that you review the Clark’s Data Security Policy along with the Data Classification Policy, within the Data Security Policy. You may need to change the scan settings to include relevant data types you need to detect. When Spirion is installed, the default data types it detects include: passwords, Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and financial account numbers.

Once the scan is finished, you will be presented with a window containing a list of all files found that could contain the defined confidential information. Not all of these files will have sensitive information, some will contain data that was falsely identified (a false positive). The easiest way to determine if a file truly contains confidential information, or if it just contains a false positive, is to click on the file name and view the contents of the file in the Preview Pane (on the right side of the window). The Preview Pane will show you a preview of the file, with the suspected match highlighted. By viewing the file, you should be able to determine if the result is truly a defined confidential data type that needs to be addressed, or if it is a false positive.

If you determine the file contains any of the following confidential information (passwords, social security numbers, credit card numbers and financial account numbers), please contact your department head/chair to confirm that you need to store the information and then the ITS Help Desk to go about the process of moving the needed files to an ITS managed server.

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