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Panopto is Clark’s online streaming service that allows community members to create, share and view streaming video content.

There are other services that allow you to do the same, including well-known platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. There are, however, occasions you may not want to use one of those services — for example, if you want to:

  • retain greater control over who can access your videos
  • create integrated links to copyrighted videos in your course (used under Fair Use exemptions or TEACH act)
  • support students in making their own videos

In these cases, Panopto, acts like a “private Clark YouTube.” It allows us to stream videos and audio to select groups of students from Panopto, or from Canvas.

You can access Panopto from the ClarkYou portal, or by clicking on the button to the right and logging in using your Clark University Credentials.


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