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Data is one of the most important resources we manage, and it’s critical that we do all we can to protect the privacy of those whose data we store and use. As indicated in Clark’s Data Security Policy (, if you need to maintain confidential data on your ITS-issued laptop, you must receive written permission from your respective Vice President and the Information Security Officer, and your laptop must be encrypted.

Effective March 1, 2010, all new and upgraded ITS-issued laptops running Windows Vista or later will be deployed with their hard drives encrypted. Apple laptops will not be encrypted as a matter of course at this time. Encryption solutions will vary depending on the version of the operating system and the type of data being stored on the laptop. For most people, the encryption of the device will present no change in day-to-day usage. Individuals approved to store confidential data (as defined in Clark’s Data Security Policy) will be required to provide an additional, unique password when the laptop is turned on.

If you have any questions about Clark’s Data Security Policies, please contact the University’s Information Security Officer, Joe Kalinowski (

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