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Microsoft Teams is a powerful communication and teamwork tool that allows Clarkies to keep working and learning regardless of where they are on campus or around the world. Teams is the perfect tool for regular, small team or person-to-person collaboration and meetings.

All Clark users have access to Teams with their Clark University email account.

Features of Teams

The video links below go to LinkedIn Learning where a log in is required. All current members of the Clark community have access to LinkedIn Learning. Click here for more information.

Calls: Voice and Video

If you need to speak to another Clarkie, Microsoft Teams allows you to make voice or video calls between users from your laptop, desktop or mobile device. No need to worry about being at home or in the office, Teams calls work the same regardless of where you or your caller are. Click here for a short video on how to make voice or video calls.


Sometimes you may just have a quick question or comment for someone that doesn’t require a full conversation. Teams is a great platform to connect with your colleagues, classmates, or friends with quick text chats. Click here for a short video on how to chat in Teams.


Teams also gives you the option of collaborating on Word, Excel or PowerPoint files with another Clarkie, or a full team. Editing and collaboration all takes place within the Teams application. Click here for a short video on how to share files and how to edit and collaborate.


With an iOS and Android app, Microsoft Teams allows you to continue collaborating when you’re on the go or away from your computer and chats are synchronized across all your devices. Click here to learn more about the mobile apps.

How to Get Started

All Clarkies have access to a full Teams account. Click here to install Microsoft Teams on your computer or to use the web app, or visit the App Store or Google Play store for the mobile app.

ITS has curated a short playlist (less than 50 minutes) of useful LinkedIn Learning videos that will give users an overview of the most useful features in Microsoft Teams. Click here to access the Microsoft Teams Learning Path which includes the videos above and many more.