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CUBBS is a digital signage system that uses wall mounted displays to help you get the word out about your group, event, award, or anything Clark related. Content will display on the screens in the Academic Commons and in the University Center.

There are a few steps to follow in order to get content onto CUBBS:

  1. Create your content after reviewing the guidelines. Please read these carefully, they are in place to ensure CUBBS communication is professional, effective and relevant.
  2. Submit your content using the button to the right.
  3. A moderator will review the submission and either post it as requested or contact you with questions or requests for edits.
  4. Your content will be shown on the screens as requested/agreed upon.


  • This service is available to members of a registered student club/organization, campus governance unit, academic unit, campus departments/office, or University committee.
  • Submit requests at least three (3) business days prior to the display date.
  • Content may display for up to 14 days – exceptions may be granted in some instances.
  • Only one message per event, promotion or activity is permitted; and depending on utilization, promotions may be limited to three at any one time.
  • The accuracy of information is the responsibility of the submitter.
  • Obtaining permission to use images is the responsibility of the submitter.
  • Messages will be reviewed for appropriateness and quality prior to posting on the system.
  • Slides may not be intimidating, harassing, or defaming of a person, group, or identity.
  • Poorly written or formatted slides will be returned for revision.

Information Technology Services and University Marketing & Communications reserve the right to address concerns or make suggestions related to CUBBS content in an effort to reinforce the brand and mission of the University.

If you have questions, wish to withdraw a submission or change details for it, please email with as much detail as possible.

Tips to Create Effective Slides for CUBBS

Slide Specifications

  • The slideshow area for the CUBBS screen is 960 pixels by 540 pixels (about a 16:9 aspect ratio, or the proportions of a standard widescreen PowerPoint presentation). Please ensure that your submission is sized correctly to avoid distortion on the CUBBS screen.
  • Start with a standard widescreen PowerPoint slide or one of the templates to be sure your slide is formatted properly.
  • Be sure to provide all relevant information, including:
    • Event title, description, date, start time, end time, location, etc.
    • Admission charge, if any
    • Contact person and/or contact information
    • Requested start and end date for announcement
  • Be brief and to the point. Slides display for no longer than 15 seconds. Your message will have more impact if it can be absorbed in that time.

Design Suggestions:

  • Keep in mind that your message will be viewed from a distance, and that small type will not be legible. Sticking to size 24pt font or larger is advised.
  • Use of pictures and images are strongly encouraged, but it is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure that they have permissions to use all images.
  • When using photos, be sure the photos are high-resolution (1024 x 768, with 72 pixels per inch) jpegs.

Wide Screen Templates

Contact Information

ITS Help Desk

Call or Email
Help Desk Hours for Fall 2021
  • Mon-Thu: 8am to 12am
    Fri: 8am – 5pm
    Saturday: 12pm - 5pm
    Sunday: 12pm - 12am

    Closed on 9/4 and 9/5 (but open on 9/6)