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All You Need to Know

How do you pay your tuition bill? Which accounting codes should departments use? How do you fill out travel forms? How does the University handle risk management issues? Below are the offices that can help you with business and financial services at Clark University.

Accounts Payable

Need to pay a vendor or reimburse an employee? Accounts Payable oversees payments to vendors, as well as reimbursements to employees for charges approved for University business.

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Budget Office

Have questions about your office or department’s budget? The Budget Office can help. Besides developing and managing Clark’s operating budget, the office helps staff monitor University budgets.

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Business Manager

The Business Manager handles purchasing, risk management, and insurance matters; oversees the dining services contract; and administers Clark University’s online purchasing system, SmartBuy Plus.

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Cashier’s Office

Where do students go for financial aid or other tuition-related refunds? The Cashier’s Office. Its staff also handles payments, deposits, check cashing, and stamps for departmental use.

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Controller’s Office

The Controller’s Office oversees proper management of Clark University’s financial resources, as well as subsidiary reports of monthly expenses and budget status.

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General Accounting

General Accounting processes journal vouchers, assists staff with accounting-related inquiries, prepares tax-related documents, and provides support for the Controller’s Office.

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Grant and Contract Accounting

Grant and Contract Accounting prepares reports, as required by sponsoring agencies, for awards processed through the Sponsored Programs and Research and Corporate and Foundation Relations offices.


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OneCard/Cash Card

The OneCard Office prints your official University identification, otherwise known as OneCard. The card provides access to buildings, dining and printing services, and the CashCard program.

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The Payroll Office is responsible for ensuring that employees are paid accurately and on time. This is also the place to go if you have questions about employee timesheets, tax forms, and other payroll matters.

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Under the purview of the Business Manager, the Purchasing Office ensures that Clark offices, departments, and programs are able to procure the products and services they need from external vendors at the lowest possible price, often with sizable discounts.

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Risk Management

Under the purview of the Business Manager, the Risk Management office assesses, reports, and mitigates risks and damages associated with accidents or emergencies.

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Security and Identification Protection

The Controller’s Office maintains security and identification protection policies and procedures around financial information, identity theft, and student confidentiality.

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Student Accounts

Have a question about your tuition bill? Need a refund? The Student Accounts Office is your one-stop shop for questions regarding tuition billing and e-bills, collections, payments, and refunds.

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Fiscal Year-End Instructions for Offices and Departments

Financial Statements

Below are the official financial statements for Clark University, as reported by independent certified public accountants.