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Curriculum and Pedagogy

Action Item: Develop events and workshops on decolonizing the curriculum


The Action Item is part of Clark’s continuous work.

The Action Item is part of Clark’s continuous work.

A core group of faculty will hold events and workshops around decolonizing the curriculum and anti-racist pedagogy. This work is being coordinated by the Center for Gender, Race, and Area Studies (CGRAS), Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL), and the Higgins School of Humanities.


Updates as of Feb. 12, 2021

  • In its fall programming to support classroom experiences, the Higgins School of Humanities sought ideas from faculty around diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts and, following a strong response from faculty, funded a variety of such events, including:

    • A conference honoring Winston Napier, Clark’s first E. Franklin Frazier Chair of African American Literature, Theory, and Culture and founder of the African-American Intellectual Culture Series, which is hosted by Higgins.
    • Guest speakers on topics including “How Do Soundwalks Address Urban Communities,” “Hip Hop as a Poetic Response for Social Justice,” “Radical Hope, Racial Trauma Among Youth, Civil Engagement and Activism Among African Americans,” and “Structural Health of Specific Postcolonial Francophone Countries.”
    • A discussion with the author of the poetry volume “Full Metal Indigiqueer.”