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Clark is committed to ensuring that our classrooms, offices and common spaces are welcoming to all and that everyone who comes to campus feels respected and valued.

Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion takes a broad view of the talents, perspectives, and contributions of all members of the community, and we recognize the richness of humanity reflected in our students, faculty and staff. At Clark we engage in civil, constructive discourse to create a climate of acceptance, one where we understand that our differences, in concert with our commonalities, are the cornerstone for a stronger, more inclusive university.

david angel

Clark University seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing society. Let us work together to fulfill this important mission with creativity, compassion, and a fervent commitment to positive change.

David Angel

Clark University President

Diversity and Inclusion Programs

The ODI is committed to both creating structural change and working with campus partners to integrate diversity and inclusion work in the mandate of all institutions on campus so that principles of diversity and equity are diffused throughout the university structure.

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