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Program Director

  • Toby Sisson

    Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    Director of Studio Art, Visual and Performing Arts

    Toby Sisson earned her B.F.A, Magna Cum Laude, from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul, Minnesota and her M.F.A. from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her areas of specialization include drawing, painting and printmaking, as well as […]

Program Faculty

  • Stephen DiRado

    Professor of Practice, Visual and Performing Arts

    Gallery Director, Visual and Performing Arts

    Stephen DiRado is a professor in the Visual and Performing Arts Department, Clark University. He is a photographer and filmmaker whose art is primarily inspired by his captivation and admiration for the people in his community. His scrupulously skilled photographs […]

  • Sherry Freyermuth

    Associate Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    Sherry Freyermuth is a published, award-winning graphic designer with experience working for large corporate brands and non-profit initiatives. She currently is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Clark University in Worcester, MA. Sherry has been teaching hand lettering and typography […]

  • James Maurelle

    Assistant Professor, Visual and Performing Arts

    James Maurelle is an interdisciplinary artist, sculpture, video, photography, and sound art are his analog and digital primes. His work investigates the correlation formed between labor and creativity, at the center of this byway is the spirit of his work. […]

Valerie Claff, M.F.A.
Foundation studies
Personal Website

Caleb Cole, M.F.A.

Katie Commodore, M.F.A.

Antonio Fonseca, M.F.A.
Printmaking and painting
Tel: 508-793-7113

Jan Johnson, M.F.A.

Eric Nichols, M.F.A.

Emmanuel Opoku, M.F.A.

Joseph Ray, M.F.A.

Suzanne Révy, M.F.A.

Melizza Santram-Chernov, B.F.A.

Sarah Buie, M.F.A.
Research Scholar, Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Elli Crocker, M.F.A.