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Planning Your Path

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Choosing Your Programs and Activities

Which programs and extracurricular activities should you pursue at Clark? When evaluating applications, medical and other professional schools will look for strong academic credentials, personal attributes, and skills. Successful applicants demonstrate passion and ability to excel in whatever they do. Often, they work as EMTs, volunteer at hospitals, or spend time in the medical environment. They also show valuable personality traits through leadership, compassion, and communication skills, leaving a positive legacy in their community.

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Choosing Courses

Most professional schools require that you take specific courses during your undergraduate career. These courses may vary greatly depending on the professional program or specific school to which you apply.

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Choosing a Major

There is no statistical evidence that your choice of major significantly affects your chances of being accepted into medical or another professional school, so you should follow your passion and academic interests when choosing what to study. When you enjoy your courses, you’re more likely to learn.

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Research Opportunities

Engaging in scientific research allows you to leave a legacy of accomplishment at Clark while pursuing your intellectual curiosity, learning valuable laboratory research skills, and contributing to a team effort. You can choose to do research at Clark or at other nearby institutions through an academic internship.

Getting the Grades

To excel in your courses, you must approach them with a passion to learn and manage your time efficiently. Health care professions require you to keep up with a rapidly changing field of knowledge. The sooner you develop a passion for learning, the better off you will be.

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Cocurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities let you develop and document new skills and strengths that will become extremely valuable when applying to a professional school. Take the time to find what is right for you — team sports, tutoring, student clubs, or something else.

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