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Women in Entrepreneurship Week 2023 with Celebration and Events


Clark University’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program participates in a global movement to recognize and celebrate female founders. Here at Clark University, we call our celebration Women in Entrepreneurship (WinE) Week, and host events throughout the week of October 15-21, 2023, to spotlight Clark WinE!

This national movement is headed up by Montclair State University which manages and supports 260 universities and colleges from all 50 US states, plus DC and Puerto Rico, and 32 participating countries, as the organizations celebrate WinE. Each school in the group pledges to host at least one event on their campus during the week. This group of universities and colleges is celebrating its 10th year recognizing Women in Entrepreneurship Week.

Clark E&I Program joined the group in 2021 when there were only 60 members representing only 30 states and seven counties. From the push of these group members, the growth and visibility has been incredible. Clark E&I started with one event in 2021, the WinE Luncheon, and has expanded to three events this year!

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Clark E&I Program WinE 2023 Events

post by Natun

Clark Natun Collab

October 16,  Zoe Black ’26 shared her summer experience as an intern working with Natun Guatemala to increase the entrepreneurial Maya women’s visibility on Esty. Zoe initially found the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program as the collaboration’s academic home at Clark, however, with the complexity of the events happening in Guatemala, and the sensitive nature of the work, Zoe decided to increase campus support. Through this talk, Zoe presented the current challenges and successes of this collaboration and presented these findings in hopes of gaining insight and support from faculty, staff, and students to expand this partnership throughout the campus.

Networking with Bri Workshop

bri Sweet treats
Bri Azier ’05 owner of Bri’s Sweet Treats

October 18, alumna Bri Azier ’05, owner of Bri’s Sweet Treats conducted a networking workshop, sharing the importance of regular and deliberate networking to grow your small business. While at the workshop, Bri was able to save the day for the TIE Club’s weekend hackathon as the original food provider was unable to help with the event. With Bri’s wide network, she was able to secure local food vendors. Networking pays! And, as Bri likes to say “your network is your net worth”.


WinE Panel Luncheon 

October 19the grand finale event of WinE week was the third annual WinE Panel Luncheon. The 2023 WinE panel was made up of six outstanding women in entrepreneurship. The luncheon was a success unmatched by any E&I panel event thus far. The Lurie Conference Room was reserved for 35 lunch guests and 51 showed up – it was standing room only. Maddy Steigman, owner of Dough is Me and president of the Clark Entrepreneurship Club, acted as mediator and started the panelist off with three questions before turning it over to the audience.

The panelists started off the event by visiting with the guests at the lunch tables. Guests included graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and staff, and area leaders. Questions and stories were the topics and all panelists and guests reported great and informative conversations.


WinE Luncheon Panelist


Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid for Hire, besides being a panelist, Jen was busy all day meeting with the Clark Entrepreneurship Club members for breakfast, speaking in classes, and hosting a small round table gathering of specially invited student entrepreneurs. Besides being a headline-making CEO, Jen is an author, podcaster, and speaker.

Jennifer Hernandez, the founder of Self-Made Entrepreneur Conference and GEM Marketing Solutions, is also a two-time award-winning businesswoman, host of the Worcester Business Connect podcast, and speaker.

Kendra Walker  ’19, ’20, co-owner of Frisbie’s Dairy Barn (she brought ice cream) and Account Manager at Focus Calm.

Emilee Cocuzzo ’18, ‘19, Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, Clark Young Alumni of the Year, BosInno 25 Under 25, innovators who are making big moves in innovation, COO of Deja Boo, and adjunct professor in Clark E&I Program, heading up the Clark Tank Business Pitch Competition.

Bri Azier ’05, CEO of Bri’s Sweet Treats, Worcester Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year 2023, Worcester Business Journal 2023 Best New Business, Best of Central Mass 2022 and 2023.

Billie Kenyon, ’09, ’10, COO of LadyBugz, 40 Under 40, a supporter of women-owned businesses, and volunteer board member of two Worcester area non-profits.


panel pic
Billy Kenyon ’09 ’10, Kendra Walker ’19 ’20, Briana Azier ’05, Jen Glantz, Jennifer Hernandez, and Emilee Cocuzzo ’18 ’19, Cookies provided by Maddy Steigman ’24 owner of Dough is Me

Good Eats!

Guests and panelists enjoyed a delicious lunch of homemade enchiladas, rice, beans, potato salad, fresh green salad, and a cup of Fresco de Jaimaca (Hibiscus drink). The food was provided by Miguel Zacarias Paxtor ’24 and Becky Caswell Shacham ’24, owners of Foodie Fiesta.

Becky and Miguel

Clark Tank Logo Design 2024 Winner

Besides the company of interesting guests and panelists, the WinE Luncheon was designated as the event the Clark Tank 2024 logo design winner was announced. Awarded from a pool of 31 submissions, Molly Nguyen‘s ’26, psychology major and entrepreneurship minor, entry was chosen as the winner to represent Clark Tank 2024.

CT24 logo
Molly Nguyen ’26 Clark Tank Logo Contest Winner


Additional Special Guests

Lysa Miller owner of LadyBugz, Ola Patykowski PR & Communications Manager of LadyBugz, Jose Castro Executive Director of EforAll, and Dr. David Jordan Interm Dean School of Management.

Special Thanks

Maddy Steigman ’24, owner of Dough is Me for dessert and Natalie Hoang ’25 for photography.

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