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Alumni Giving Back in the Most Creative Ways – Tim Hally, ’19, ’20, Co-founder of Munq, LLC – A Creative Agency

Last week the School of Management and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program’s Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development class had guest alumni speaker Tim Hally, co-founder of Munq, LLC – a creative agency stop by to share a lesson in, well, creativity! Tim, a 2019 management major and entrepreneurship minor grad, also went on to complete his MBA at Clark University in 2020. Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager, and adjunct professor remembers Tim as a student in the first class she taught on Clark’s campus and is happy to see how far he has come!

Tim opened class with an extraordinary story on how he got to where he is today, crediting much of his interest in entrepreneurship to his father and uncle as both are entrepreneurs. Decked out in an orange Munq, LLC polo and matching Munq orange sneakers, Tim, always on brand, shared with the class how he transferred to Clark in his sophomore year and joined an entrepreneurship class. He noted that he had always thought as a creative business owner, but it was in Professor John Dobson’s class, ENT115 Entrepreneurship, he found his mindset had a name – entrepreneurship!

Tim also shared that as he was winding down his college career, he started acknowledging his strong belief in FATE. Tim began to notice people and themes in his life that drew him to developing creative content for himself and people to help express concepts. He partnered with Justin Matsen after what Tim called several “chance” meetings, and from there, Munq began to materialize. Justin comes from a design and web background and fulfills those aspects of the business, as well as video productions and storytelling. Tim and Justin opened Munq, LLC in December 2020 around the start of the winter solstice, which Tim explained is the turning point from dark to light, fitting for the craziness of 2020.

Through Tim’s experience developing Munq, he was able to share his insight and approach to developing strong video content with the Clark Tankers. Each Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development participant will produce a 60-second video of their venture similar to that found in crowdfunding campaigns to acquire the popular vote on campus. Tim shared how he frames his content around identifying the problem, or as he calls it, the villain, then bringing in the solution as, of course, the hero! The students easily grasped his references and are set to make exciting videos!

Tim, a true Clarkie, embodies Clark University’s motto of Challenge Convention, Change Our World. His business is a “creative agency that helps businesses use their empathy to take action and affect change in their world”.  He has grown a strong client base with his approach and is ready to give back to Clark. Tim is a mentor to Natalie Ward ’25, a Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development participant starting a marketing agency, and is looking to share more of his knowledge. Professor Quinn and Tim are currently discussing a half-credit entrepreneurship course on brand-storytelling and selling through empathy for the customer for Tim to teach at Clark University next fall.

To find out more about Munq, LLC, Tim, and Justin, you can check out their website and Instagram.

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by Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager