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Colors of the Wynned – Clark Tank Venture Development Participant Spotlight


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Wynne Dromey ’25, a Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development participant, realized she was able to find confidence and self-worth through her artwork at an early age. In her freshman year of high school in Longmeadow, MA, she realized other people liked to express themselves through art too and found connecting with them rewarding. Thus, she started posting her work on Instagram, which connected her to others with unique and inspiring passions.

“I learned that everyone has their own special abilities and qualities that can bring so much positive power to the world, and art is one that I want to bring to the Worcester community” – Wynne Dormey

Wynne decided to combine her love of art, her fascination with colors, and a fun play on words to come up with her business – Colors of the Wynned! Since then, she has created and sold over 100 commissioned pieces, including painted cards, t-shirts, vinyl records, and canvas paintings, over the past three years. Wynne’s prime focus is connecting with the community, making affordable and accessible artwork for as many people as possible, while inspiring others to appreciate the value in their own unique qualities.

“I want to make my prices as affordable as possible because I value spreading my art to the community and making as many people as I can happy” – Wynne Dromey

Since starting at Clark University, Wynne has embraced the School of Management‘s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program and has taken advantage of all the entrepreneurship program has to offer! She is a first-year in Professor Teresa Quinn’s ENT105 Creating a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship,  she participates in the Clark Collective Red Square PopUps, and now, with great excitement, is an accepted participant in Clark Tank 2022 – Venture Development! Wynne is looking to take her business to the next level!

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Wynne has an impressive resume:

Wynne plans to continue displaying her work in as many galleries and exhibitions in Worcester throughout her time at Clark. Keep an eye out for Colors of the Wynned!

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by Teresa Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Manager