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No Worries Skincare – helping clear skin one pretty face at a time

Putting care for the environment and your skin on the shelf!

Ureka Challenge 2021 participant, Julia Dantzler ’24, and founder of No Worries Skincare started a business that cleared up her skin and helped the environment!

Julia loves makeup, and claims she has “more makeup than anyone could ever need in their lifetime”. Makeup is her artistic outlet, and as she produced art through makeup, her confidence soared. However, her abundant collection of makeup led to acne and made makeup much less fun. She decided she needed to get a handle on her acne, and figured the best place to start was with her face, also known as her canvas.  From then on skincare became her form of self-care and she was able to control her acne.

When Julia got to college all the “news” caught up with her skin – new college air, new climate, new schedule – didn’t agree with her skin, and her acne flared up. Her skin is very sensitive and typical store-bought skincare products made things worse. So, Julia decided to take advantage of a class project in ENT105 Creating a Culture of Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Professor Quinn, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Program Manager, and start her dive into clean skincare.  The class focused on passions and interests to implement an innovation. The innovation could be just about anything, but Julia decided to start a small business making homemade skincare products, made with natural ingredients that had cleared up her skin. Besides being kind to the skin, Julia’s products are good for the environment, which is an added bonus as she has a deep passion for environmentalism and protecting the earth.

Currently, Julia sells two products through No Worries Skincare – toner and moisturizer. Her main ingredients are decadent. Her toner is made with green tea and aloe, while her moisturizer is made with rosehip oil and aloe.

You can support and follow No Worries Skincare’s journey and find out more about her products through her Instagram.

Julia will present her business to a panel of alumni judges on March 26th at the Ureka Final Judging event for consideration of additional funding. Good luck!