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Worker's Compensation

All employers in Massachusetts are required to carry workers' compensation insurance covering their employees for on-the-job injuries or illnesses. Clark University is a member of the Independent Schools Compensation Corporation (ISCC), which provides worker's compensation insurance to more than 160 member organizations made up of private schools, colleges and cultural institutions. ISCC also provides safety and risk management services to help members maintain a safe workplace.

Accident Prevention

The safety and health of faculty and staff is a primary concern of the University. Safety is a shared responsibility between the University and its employees. The University has the responsibility to provide a safe, healthy workplace.

Faculty and staff are responsible for:

  • Watching and caring for their own safety as well as the safety of others.
  • Following safety rules, OSHA safety standards and training they may receive.
  • Always using personal protective equipment where it is required.
  • Reporting hazardous conditions or safety concerns.

Please report any hazardous conditions, unsafe practices, or improperly functioning equipment to your supervisor, the Human Resources Office, or Physical Plant. You may also send an email to

Reporting an Accident

Any on-the-job injury, no matter how minor, must be reported immediately to the Human Resources Office (508-793-7294). The Human Resources Office will ask you to complete an accident report and subsequently file the appropriate forms with the insurance company and the Department of Industrial Accidents.

Worker's Compensation Benefits

Medical expenses for work-related injuries or illness are paid by the worker's compensation insurance company (ISCC). These expenses may include doctor and hospital fees, costs for prescription drugs, crutches, etc.

Employees are eligible for worker's compensation wages from the insurance company if an injury requires an absence of five calendar days or longer. Employees who are unable to work due to their work related injury or illness will receive 60% of their average weekly gross wages up to a maximum amount as allowed by Massachusetts law. Employees who are capable of working, but only on a limited basis, may be assigned light duty work for a temporary period of time.

The above is only a brief summary of worker's compensation benefits. For more details, please consult the appropriate employee handbook or contact the Human Resources Office at 508-793-7294.