Business and Financial Services

Vehicle Insurance

The University has liability insurance on all autos, whether they are owned by the University, rented, leased, private vehicles driven by their owners on University business, or borrowed vehicles. University-owned or leased vehicles are self insured for physical damage, subject to a $500 deductible for "at-fault" or surchargable accidents. If you are driving a University-owned vehicle, with the permission of the University, then you are an insured driver under the University's policy.

Personal Vehicles used for University Related Travel

For staff, faculty and students using their personal vehicle on University business, the vehicle owner's insurance policy provides the primary insurance coverage. Should the owner's insurance limits be exceeded due to a catastrophic accident, the University's non-owned automobile insurance (and umbrella coverage, if necessary) would apply. For example, if you carry $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident of bodily injury liability insurance, and cause a $150,000 loss to an individual, your policy would pay the first $100,000 of the claim, and the University's insurance policy would pay the remaining $50,000. The University will not pay any claims for comprehensive, theft, or collision damage to personal vehicles (including deductibles). Mileage reimbursement is outlined in the University's Travel Policy. This reimbursement is intended to cover the costs to operate the vehicle, including insurance costs.

Rental Vehicles

The University's insurance provides for both liability and physical damage for employees who rent vehicles while on authorized University business. The coverage extends for car rentals in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and US territories - therefore please waive all of the rental agency's insurance coverage. Travelers must, however, purchase comprehensive and collision

University Owned Vehicles

All staff, faculty and students are protected by the University's automobile liability insurance for injury claims brought against them arising out of their use of a University-owned automobile, provided the University has given permission for such use and the use is within the scope of such permission.