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Business and Financial Services

Accounts Payable

Monthly Budget Reporting

Paper reports have been eliminated as of FY09 and you'll be able to access all your reports via Online Reporting.

Some of the benefits of the new online access are:

  • Internet access from anywhere
  • Access CUWeb using Clark credentials - eliminating need to have or remember Banner password
  • Mac users will have easy access
  • No Banner alphabet soup
  • Immediate access to real-time data
  • Eliminate paper, saving in distribution time and cost
  • More detail available than what was included in the paper reports
  • Downloading data to Excel is easy

  1. Purpose

    To outline the policies for departments receiving monthly budget reports on paper, and to provide guidelines on reading the reports accurately.

  2. Overview

    Reports are viewable online at any time.

  3. Constituents of the budget report

    The Budget Status Report contains information relating to the budget status of departmental accounts. On this document you will find budgetary activity of the year to date and the available budget for departmental use. The budget amount is based on the approved funds and any additions or deductions adjusted to the funds. View a sample monthly budget status report recreated on Excel.

    The Detail Report provides more specific information on budgetary activity on departmental accounts. It contains the date of every transactions made on an account code, the number of the transaction, and a description of the type of transaction made. View a sample monthly Detail Report recreated on Excel.

    Guide to transactions:

    J####### - Journal
    I####### - Payments
    P####### - Payroll Summary
    B####### - Fringe Summary
    F####### - Transactions through Cashier's Office or Student Accounts

    The General Ledger report is for non-operating budgets that are special spending accounts. It gives details on these types of expenses made on the special accounts, and provides the budget balance prior to the expenses and an ending balance after expenses. See an example.