Innovation & Entrepreneurship


The I&E program is all about learning from seasoned entrepreneurs. To keep the dialogue strong, the energy fresh, and the work relevant to today, we tap into the outside world to bring you Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) who will help students learn how to be successful.

Each year, the I&E program welcomes practitioners from varying backgrounds who bring real-world experiences to students.

Here are some of the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence who have worked as adjunct faculty, student mentors, and sounding boards at various points in I&E history.

Meet our Entrepreneurs

Teaching EIRs

Barbara Bigelow Barbara Bigelow, Ph.D
Graduate School of Management
Art and Science of Management (MGMT 100)

David Lopez, MBA
Financial Intelligence (ENT216)

D Jordan David Jordan, DHA, MPA
Social Entrepreneurship (ENT245)

Ja-Nae Duane, MFA
Creating A Culture of Innovation (ENT105)
Entrepreneurial Design Thinking (ENT222)


Worthington Shari Worthington, MA
Entrepreneurial Communication and Influence (ENT202)


Jack Speranza, JD
Capstone I (ENT265)

J Schiebe Jeff Schiebe, MBA
Lead Entrepreneur In Residence
Entrepreneurship: Art of the New (ENT215)

I&E Program Faculty Director

Mentoring EIRs

H Friedman Hetty Friedman '74
Founder and Owner
Crafts for a Cause

V Mariano Vicky Mariano '08
Founder and Owner
Spiritual Haze

P Marx Peter Marx
Legal Media Insight, Inc.