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President’s Achievement Awards for Inclusive Excellence

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The inaugural President’s Achievement Awards for Inclusive Excellence (PAAIE) are designed to honor individuals, units and programs that have made exemplary contributions to advancing inclusive excellence at Clark and within the  broader Worcester community. Inclusive excellence centers equity, inclusion and diversity as core institutional values. Clark strives to create a culture of inclusion that allows all students, faculty, and staff to thrive in our living, working and learning communities. We aim to create a shared sense of commitment and engagement across campus in our efforts to foster excellence through inclusion. This commitment broadens and strengthens the university’s mission of teaching, learning and scholarship.

There will be up to four awardees honored per year that includes a monetary gift to help support Clark’s shared commitment to advance inclusive excellence.

  • The President’s Achievement Award for Inclusive Excellence includes a $1,500 gift for
    the awardee(s) to designate toward a program or department of their choice.
  • One awardee may receive the Distinguished Inclusive Excellence Award that includes a
    $1,000 gift for the awardee.

The 2021 President’s Achievement Awards for Inclusive Excellence nomination period is March 8 – April 12, 2021. The awards ceremony will tentatively be held virtually in Spring 2021.

Nomination Form

Nominations are accepted in the following categories:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Academic and staff employees
  • Student organizations
  • Campus units (e.g., offices, departments, centers)
  • Academic or administrative programs
  • Clark partnership within the broader Worcester community

Multiple nominations are encouraged.

The President’s Achievement Awards for Inclusive Excellence honor those who have demonstrated their commitment to advancing equity, inclusion and diversity at Clark or within our partnership in the Worcester community. Success in  leading and enhancing inclusive excellence can be demonstrated in many ways. Nominations will be considered on the following criteria and areas of achievement that extend beyond the routine expectations of the role, program or project:

  • Demonstration of emerging or sustained commitment to the values of inclusive excellence.
  • Contributions that uniquely address key areas of equity, inclusion and diversity at Clark with measurable impact.
  • Collaboration with campus or community groups in the creation, sponsorship, and implementation of programs, initiatives, or projects in the area of diversity, equity, inclusion.
  • Exemplary scholarship and/or research projects on topics focusing on social groups, origins and cultures within the United States and globally that enrich students’ education in novel ways
  • Exceptional mentoring of students whose background, experience, and interests contribute to diversity on campus.
  • Activities to attract or recruit students who increase the compositional diversity of our campus, or to help ensure the success of historically underrepresented students.
  • Activities to recruit, retain, and professionally develop individuals who increase the compositional diversity of our faculty or staff.
  • Promotes or supports the important contributions of historically and contemporarily marginalized communities in a tangible, impactful manner.
  • Evidence of exceptional efforts to promote a University environment that is free from bias and discrimination.

Students, faculty and staff employees are invited to nominate eligible individuals, units, organizations or programs for the award.

  1. The nomination must be submitted electronically via the Nomination Form.
  2.  A minimum of one letter of support must be included that addresses the awards criteria.  (The letter of support can be from the nominator. Additional letters of support are optional).
  3. Optional: Nominators are strongly encouraged to provide supporting documentation that demonstrates the exceptional achievement(s) that align with the awards criteria.
    Examples of supporting materials may include: letters or testimonials from service or program recipients; copies of flyers or media coverage about the initiative, event or program; reports and/or data demonstrating the outcome; and other written or multimedia materials documenting the activity. Supporting documents must be included electronically in the nomination form for full consideration.
  4. Self-nominations are not accepted.

2020-2021 Selection Committee TBD

Nomination Deadline

Nomination submission dates are March 8 – April 12, 2021.

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For questions about the process and for accessibility accommodations, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at or 1-508-793-7350.

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