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Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program

The Clark University Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. This program provides a valuable professional development opportunity for staff, faculty, and graduate students. Building an inclusive environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion requires the active participation of everyone on campus.

The Program is designed to offer participants an in-depth examination and greater understanding of how we can and should work together to build a stronger and more inclusive Clark community. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that will enable them to more effectively work and lead in the workplace.

Spring 2024 Session Schedule

2023-24 Session Descriptions

2023-2024 Facilitator Bios

Earn a Certificate of Completion

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program consists of nine sessions (5 core sessions and 4 electives) for those seeking to earn a certificate of completion. There are three requirements to earn a certificate: Participants must: (1) view the online introduction to the Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program, (2) complete nine sessions – 5 core sessions and 4 elective sessions – over the course of two academic years, and (3) submit a Learning Into Practice proposal.

Learning Into Practice Proposal

Participants are required to submit a “Learning into Practice” proposal that is relevant to their respective department or discipline utilizing the knowledge gained in the program. This proposal will allow participants to actualize what they have learned and translate that into their working and learning environment at Clark University and beyond. Although it is not required to implement the project, it is highly encouraged and beneficial for achieving professional development goals and preparing you for the next steps in your career. Those that implement their project are encouraged to submit artifacts or documentation of their project (e.g. syllabi, curriculum, giveaways, promotional materials, etc.) to serve as an example for future participants. Participants also have the option to partner with others in the program to develop and implement their project.

A previous example that was implemented was a collaboration between a faculty member and a staff member from dining services. The project focused on food and environmental justice partners to conduct a workshop on food and environmental justice and to develop an avenue to help diversify the food menu options by surveying students from various backgrounds.

Participants will review a short PowerPoint presentation explaining the proposal in detail. After proposal submission, the participants will meet with Ashley Caruso, Assistant Director of DEI Programming and Planning, to receive feedback and approval on their proposal.

Learning Into Practice Proposal Form

Please Note: it is advised that you speak with your supervisor and/or advisor about implementing your project. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion does not financially support Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program projects.

This program is for participants who plan to earn a certificate of completion. Participants must select and complete nine sessions (5 core sessions and 4 electives) of their choosing as well as submit a Learning Into Practice proposal. Participants who complete all nine sessions and submit a proposal within two academic years will receive a certificate of completion that will be awarded at an annual graduation ceremony. During the second academic year in the program, priority registration* will be provided for participants to complete their certificate in a timely manner.

The sessions range from two to three hours and will be taught by various internal and external instructors in different formats.

Registration Instructions
Priority Registration – January 29, 2024

Step 1: Provide registrant information.

Step 2:  Select the sessions you wish to attend.

Repeat Step 2 for all session(s) you plan to attend for the 2023-2024 academic year.

If you have questions about the registration process, please reach out to Ashley Caruso.

Priority Registration*
Spring 2024 priority registration will begin on January 29, 2024. Registrants will be notified via email with instructions on how and when to register.

We understand that unplanned or unexpected events come up. Due to the popularity and high demand for this program that is currently free to participants, please review the following guidelines, established to reduce the number of last minute cancellations and no-shows and ensure that those who sign up for the program have the time commitment to attend the classes:

  • Any participant who has 2 no-show attendances will be removed from the program
  • Any participant who has 3 last minute cancellations (48 hours or less notice) will be removed from the program

We encourage you to speak to your supervisor or manager prior to registering for classes to receive their approval to attend.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can click Register for DICP to start the registration process. This link will remain inactive until registration opens.

All the sessions offered provide valuable insights and information in expanding our understanding and engagement with diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and beyond. For those earning a certificate, core sessions are required for the completion of the program, while four electives of your choosing are required. Elective sessions offer a chance to expand and explore more specific topics based on the interests of each program participant.

Participants who began the certificate program last year must be on track to complete five core sessions and four elective sessions. After completing your nine sessions, you will earn your certificate of completion that will be awarded at a graduation ceremony hosted by President David Fithian in the spring.

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