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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) advances the University’s mission and commitment to excellence by working collaboratively to promote a campus climate that values diversity and inclusion and is free of bias and harassment for all students, staff, and faculty.

ODI works collaboratively and in cooperation with the University Diversity Action Council (UDAC), which is appointed annually by the president of the University.

Individual differences (e.g., personality, learning styles, and life experiences) and group/social differences (e.g., race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and ability as well as cultural, political, religious, or other affiliations).

The active, intentional, and ongoing engagement with diversity—in the curriculum, in the co-curriculum, and in communities (intellectual, social, cultural, geographical) with which individuals might connect—in ways that increase awareness, content knowledge, cognitive sophistication, and empathic understanding of the complex ways individuals interact within systems and institutions.

The creation of opportunities for historically underrepresented populations to have equal access to and participate in educational programs that are capable of closing the achievement gaps in student success and completion.

A demonstrated awareness of and willingness to address equity issues among institutional leaders and staff (Center for Urban Education, University of Southern California).

Formerly the Writing Center

Fireside Lounge

Fireside Lounge in Dana Commons

The Dana Commons Fireside Lounge can be booked by all campus constituents for diversity and inclusion focused events and programs. Please see below for details on how to reserve Fireside Lounge. For questions, please contact Ashley Caruso at

The Fireside Lounge is a venue exclusively for Clark University diversity and inclusion focused events. You can request the use of the Fireside Lounge by completing the Fireside Lounge Request Form. Reservations will be confirmed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Please refer to the space as Fireside Lounge in all your publicity and communication materials.
  • All events must be affiliated with a Clark University recognized group or department. Groups and departments are responsible for any repairs or cleaning fees incurred from your event.
  • You are responsible for all set up and break down of the room in a timely manner. Remember that there may be another group using the space immediately before or after you.
    • Be sure to book time for both set up and break down of the space, as well as for the event itself. Otherwise, there may be another group in the room before you, and you will not have ample time to prepare for your event.
    • A large flat-screen television is available in the lounge. Cables and adapters for computer/laptop connection can be requested of and provided by ODI. However, when returned, if there are any damages requiring replacement of this equipment, it will be your responsibility and at your cost. If ODI is not able to provide cables and adapters, please contact Media Services. Provisions for additional media support (i.e.: microphone, mic stands, speaker, etc.) should be handled directly through Media Services.
    • The Fireside Lounge can be used in its default setup with the stackable chairs available for additional seating if necessary. You may rearrange the setup to your needs. If additional furniture or arrangements are required, you are responsible to coordinate directly with Facilities/Physical Plant.
    • You are required to leave the room clean and neat when you are finished using it. Furniture must be returned to the default configuration.
    • Should your event require additional break down services by Facilities/Physical Plant, it must be completed by 8:00am of the day following your event, unless otherwise notified.
  • For events taking place during the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, please see the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, Dana Commons, first floor, Suite 1, to access the Fireside Lounge. For events outside normal business hours, please make arrangements with University Police to unlock the doors to both Dana Commons and the Fireside Lounge for your event and to lock up after your event.
  • Any food service needs must be coordinated directly with Dining Services or a vendor of your choosing. ALL food must be disposed of after your event. No food can be stored in the Fireside Lounge kitchen.
  • Refreshments can be enjoyed in the lounge, however, food service tables must be set up outside the lounge (Dining Service table(s) can be requested by Facilities/Physical Plant and placed outside the lounge).
  • Groups will be given up to three (3) warnings of any violations to these guidelines. After receiving three warnings, groups will no longer have access to the Fireside Lounge upon review by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Notify Ashley Caruso of any cancellations at
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