Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Clark is committed to ensuring that our classrooms, offices and common spaces are welcoming to all and that everyone who comes to campus feels respected and valued. Our Office of Diversity and Inclusion takes a broad view of the talents, perspectives, and contributions of all members of the community, and we recognize the richness of humanity reflected in our students, faculty and staff. At Clark we engage in civil, constructive discourse to create a climate of acceptance, one where we understand that our differences, in concert with our commonalities, are the cornerstone for a stronger, more inclusive university.

Clark University seeks to prepare students to meet the challenges of a complex and rapidly changing society. Let us work together to continue this dialogue and take action to further strengthen Clark University in fulfillment of this important mission. Let us do so with the creativity, compassion, and commitment to positive change that are markers of this great university.

President David Angel


The ODI is committed to both creating structural change and working with campus partners to integrate diversity and inclusion work in the mandate of all institutions on campus so that principles of diversity and equity are diffused throughout the university structure. The following key initiatives aim to achieve this mission:

Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Certificate Program provides a valuable professional development opportunity that allows participants to engage in authentic, critical dialogue and in-depth examination of diversity, difference, power, privilege and beyond to understand how we can — and why we should — work together to build a more inclusive community. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills, enabling them to more effectively and enjoyably work and learn in an intercultural, diverse environment.

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Survey on Campus Culture and Community

The ODI has partnered with a diverse array of academic and administrative offices, and student organizations across the Clark community, to launch the University’s first comprehensive Survey on Campus Culture and Community (SCCC). Responding to student demands for a comprehensive assessment of the institution, as well as the Chief Officer’s vision for a data-driven Diversity and Inclusion strategy, this initiative aims to assess the experiences of all students, faculty, staff, and senior administrators, celebrate the strengths of the Clark community, recognize areas for improvement, and understand Clark’s position in the landscape of higher education.

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President’s Diversity Advisory Council

The formation of the President’s Diversity Advisory Council (PDAC) uses the foundation already built at Clark with the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Membership includes faculty, administrators, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, community members, and alumni. The overarching responsibility for the Council is to provide campus leadership with advice and recommendations about best practices in creating a diverse and inclusive campus community. PDAC will be co-chaired by President David Angel and CODI Sheree Marlowe.

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ODI Co-funding Program

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is excited to support Clark University’s efforts that reflect its mission to promote a diverse, equitable and inclusive campus. ODI has developed a co-funding program to help support activities, projects, events, research, and recruitment efforts advancing our office mission.

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D’Army Bailey '65 Diversity Fund

The goal of this fund is to support campus initiatives and academic endeavors that advance and help sustain an inclusive, engaged campus. This fund will have three major components to support our efforts to create an inclusive and productive working and learning environment.

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