Enhance First-Year Advising

Student experience, retention, graduation, and post-graduation outcomes are core to our mission.

A student works with her adviser in the Academic Advising Center
At the Academic Advising Center students receive assistance in exploring majors, overcoming academic difficulties, and more.

To achieve our vision of Clark as a university of distinction, we need to recruit students who are excited to come to Clark — and to stay here. Advising — especially in the first year of an undergraduate student’s education — is critical to keeping students on track and engaged in their academic journey and college life.

As an early and substantial investment, we have established a student success center in the Academic Commons that is staffed by a team of pre-major advisers who will serve as a visible and accessible one-stop shop for students to find holistic support and referrals to other services across the University.

This investment in first-year advising will help us realize our Strategic Framework goals of increasing our academic and research excellence; advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion; and augmenting our institutional capacity by ensuring our students have the best academic and social experience at Clark — and, by extension, become involved alumni who are committed to advancing the Clark story.

  1. Academic and Research Excellence
  2. Enhanced Campus Experience