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Morgan Blum

Morgan Blum Schneider ‘02

Director, JFCS Holocaust Center (San Francisco)

“Education continues to be our greatest tool in fighting hate and confronting antisemitism. We must invest in the future of our society, work together, and use our voices. The next generation is watching us.”


Rabbi Josh Franklin

Rabbi, Jewish Center of the Hamptons

“I became a rabbi not just to teach, but to lead a community as a social justice advocate in the fight against antisemitism and all forms of discrimination. My work constantly brings me back to exploring the history of injustice and persecution. Studying the Holocaust and genocides of the past at Clark prepared me to recognize the alarming signs we see within our present. The tropes of the past didn’t just happen once upon a time, they recur all the time.”

Student at table in library

Casey Bush, MA '19

Outreach Specialist and Orientation Instructor at the Center for Employment Opportunities, Colorado.

“My time at Clark provided me with much more than just the historical knowledge of the Holocaust. The faculty and staff at the Strassler Center imparted on me the critical thinking skills and confidence necessary to take on any challenge this position may require– from developing an entire elementary curriculum to training medical, legal, and law enforcement professionals on choice, ethics, and complicity in the Holocaust. “

Spencer Cronin MA '18 Holocaust

Spencer Cronin, MA '18

Assistant Education Director for ADL New York/New Jersey

“My concentration in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at Clark gave me both the academic knowledge and practical experience to succeed in such a rapidly evolving field.”

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