Theater Arts

Q: What courses should I take during the first year?
There are five core courses required for Theatre Arts Major, and students should plan to take them as early as possible. These five are: TA112 The Creative Actor, TA120 Basic Technical Theater, TA153 Modern Drama, TA144 Drama of the Western Tradition, and TA212 Actor as Thinker. Creative Actor is a course limited to first and second year students, so many students start there. Click here to check Theatre Arts course availability.
Q: Is there a preferred sequence of courses students should follow?
Majors may specialize in acting, directing, technical theater, dramatic criticism and playwriting, as well student-initiated areas of study and focus. Related Visual & Performing Arts courses are to be chosen in consultation with an adviser.
Q: Where should students or faculty go for more information?
Students and faculty can contact Gino DiIorio, Program Director for Theater Arts, for more information.