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Welcome to the Office for Academic Support

We care about the success of all Clark students. The Office for Academic Support aims to help all students achieve their full academic potential. All tutoring services are free and available to current Clark undergraduate students.

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The Office for Academic Support continues to provide tutoring — in biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, geography, math, psychology, and Spanish — and peer success advising — time management, organization, study skills, etc. Tutoring is available in person or online. Please visit to make an appointment with a tutor. Academic coaching meetings with Cherilyn Bonin or Shalyn Hopley are also available in person or online.

Schedule a meeting with Cherilyn at or email Schedule a meeting with Shalyn at or email

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Who We Are

Our office is home to two full-time professional staff members who assist students with goal-setting, skill-building, and accountability, whether you are on academic probation, struggling in classes, or simply seeking to boost your academic performance.

Welcome back, Clarkies!

Tutoring is back in person and online beginning August 23, and we’re excited to work with you again. Click into our schedules below to set up an appointment, and feel free to reach out if you have any trouble finding a tutor or an appointment.

Quantitative Skills Center

The Quantitative Skills Center (or “Q Center” for short) provides one-on-one peer tutoring in math and statistics subjects. The center is located within the Academic Support Center (Academic Commons 104).

Frequently used tutoring services include support for PSYC 105, CSCI 120, ECON 160, MATH 119, MATH 120/124, and MATH 121/125.

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Peer Success Advising and Tutoring

Peer Success Advising and Tutoring provides support in academic skill building for students who are seeking to improve time management, organization, and study skills.

This program also provides support for additional non-quantitative courses such as psychology, biology, and Spanish. These services are available in the Academic Support Center (Academic Commons 104).

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