Q: What courses should be taken during the first year?
Students should start at the level they place into based on their total number of years of French study. Depending on their experience, this can be a language class or a more advanced course in literature or film, for example. Consult the Foreign Languages Placement Guidelines below. During their first-year students should consider CMLT 130: Studies in the National Imagination (offered Spring semester only).
Q: What courses should first year students steer clear of?
New students should steer clear of all 200-level courses offered in FL&L (including Comparative Literature). These are courses designed for students with advanced standing in one of the department’s majors.
Q: If key introductory courses are filled, are there good alternatives?
If specific language-level courses are not available, students wishing a French-language course should contact Professor Beth Gale, Department Chair or Professor Odile Ferly. Given the specific sequencing of language courses, there are no alternatives to specific courses.