Q: What courses absolutely must be taken during the first year (or the first semester)?
We advise that students interested in education consider taking "Complexities of Urban Schooling" in their first or second year. In view of the fact that program requirements vary according to a student's teaching interest, it is best to check with Education staff to find out whether it is advisable to wait until the second year to take this course.
Q: Does your department recommend that FY students explore the PLS during their first year? Or should FY students focus more on fulfilling prerequisites for the major?
We generally advise students to concentrate on PLS courses in the first year or two.
Q: If FY students have specific questions about your department, whom should they contact?
Students generally contact Monique Austin first for an orientation about the programs and the requirements for teacher licensure. Monique steers students to an additional faculty advisor as needed.
Q: What courses in related departments do your majors usually take?
Students intending to qualify for a teaching license need to complete a liberal arts major in addition to the education program requirements that correspond to their teaching interest (elementary, middle or secondary school). So they should begin to work on their department major requirements and PLS requirements early in their undergraduate work.