Innovation & Entrepreneurship

2015 Ureka Big Idea Challenge

Do you want to revolutionize Clark or the local community with your idea, your team, and our cash? If you have the entrepreneurial itch to effect change, APPLY for Ureka 2015! This year, applications and benchmarks will be submitted and monitored through Moodle, and will require you to self-enroll in the "Ureka Big Idea Challenge" course. For further instructions on self-enrolling in a course, click HERE. Good luck, and we look forward to another year of innovation!

About the Minor

We believe all students should have control over their financial destiny. This is true whether you plan to study physics, international relations, psychology or art. Regardless of whether you envision working for yourself or for big business, one thing is clear: you will need to be able to work in teams, create ideas and know how to maximize traditional and non-traditional industry resources to accomplish your goals.

That's why Innovation & Entrepreneurship is a minor. It lets you build a foundation that supports your dreams - the ones you will pursue through your major. As part of the I&E minor, you'll put theory to the test. You'll have the chance to create something and will be given support and guidance at every step to teach you to succeed - before you have to do it alone in the real world.

I&E students' interests vary, but they all possess a belief that change can begin with them and that they have the power and opportunity to make things happen in the community and world around them.

Alexa Lightner and Rachel Gerber Alexa Lightner & Rachel Gerber: U-REKA winners and founders of the Clark Community Thrift Store.
Watch a video interview »

Matt Goldman Matt Goldman '83 Thoughts on clear intent and passion, a letter from Matt Goldman, Clark Alum and co-founder of Blue Man Group. Watch the video »

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