Strassler Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Students talking at Graduate Conference

Faculty Publications

Prof. Taner Akçam: "The Young Turks' Crime Against Humanity: The Armenian Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing in the Ottoman Empire" (Human Rights and Crimes Against Humanity), Princeton University Press, April, 2012.

Prof. Taner Akçam: (co-written with V.N. Dadrian): "Judgment at Istanbul, The Armenian Genocide Trials", Berghahn Books, November, 2011.

Prof. Debórah Dwork: "A Boy in Terezín: The Private Diary of Pavel Weiner", Northwestern University Press, November, 2011.

Prof. Thomas Kuehne: "Belonging and Genocide. Hitler’s Community, 1918-1945," by Yale University Press, 2011.

Prof. Debórah Dwork: (co written with Robert Jan van Pelt) "Flight from the Reich: Refugee Jews, 1933-1946" by W.W.Norton, 2009.



Prof. Taner Akçam's book The Destruction of the Christian Communities of the Ottoman Empire: Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide During the War Years 1913–1918, (working title) Princeton University Press, forthcoming.