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Engagement & Belonging

Meet your people.

College is more than work, work, work — to achieve a balance, you also need to play. Find your niche and meet your people through student clubs and organizations, leadership and volunteer opportunities, intramural and club sports, and identity-focused groups. Most days and nights during the semester, there are dozens of events to attend on campus. The question is: What do you choose?

What to Do?

You don’t need to leave campus to find something to do! When you’re not working or studying, make sure to take advantage of all that Clark offers. Beyond student clubs, organizations, and events, check out:

The Arts

Music, theater, and visual arts can bridge cultures, forge understanding, spark conversation, and inspire creativity.

Athletics and Recreation

Our student-athletes thrive in the classroom and on the field, dominating the competition while developing the skills that are necessary in sports and life.

Clark Traditions

Clark University hosts many events over the course of the academic year that bring Clark students, faculty, family, and friends together.

We are here for you.

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