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Personal Safety

No action or inaction by a crime survivor makes that person responsible for his or her victimization. Perpetrators are responsible for crimes and their effects. To reduce the chances of being targeted for person crimes, consider the following:

  • If working or studying late, arrange to leave with a friend or call SSES at 1-508-793-7777 for a Safety Escort. Lock doors and windows if working late alone.
  • Refrain from getting in elevators with people who look out of place or behave in a strange or threatening way. Always immediately report suspicious people or conditions to CUPD 1-508-793-7575.
  • If being followed, go to a populated area and/or an emergency call box.
  • Be alert to any suspicious persons or vehicles.
  • Carry a fully charged cell phone with emergency numbers pre-programmed.

In a Threatening Situation

  • If physically attacked or threatened, attract attention by yelling loudly.
  • If using self-defense tactics or equipment such as pepper spray, run away as soon as the attacker is disabled.
  • Decide what to do in various situations before they occur. Try role-playing with a friend.
  • If confronted by someone who only wants property, give it to them.
  • Try to get an accurate description of the assailant. If a vehicle is involved, get the license number and call CUPD.

Safety Tips

  • Don’t leave valuables unattended (backpacks, wallets, purses, keys, computers, phones, electronic devices, etc.).
  • Engrave personal property, such as electronic or sporting equipment, with identifying information.
  • Keep a written record of all personal valuables, including descriptions and serial numbers. It is evidence that the property belongs to the rightful owner and aids an investigation, if needed.
Contact Information

University Police

Office Location
Emergency Contact Information
  • 1-508-793-7575