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Campus Parking and Permits

The information on this page is for Clark students, staff and faculty.


Parking decals for Academic Year 2021/2022 will go on sale on July 1, 2021. You may still purchase a decal for the remainder of the 2020/2021 Academic Year, however, any decal purchased now will be invalid on July 1st. 

DUE TO COVID-19, WE ARE NO LONGER ALLOWING INDIVIDUALS TO PURCHASE A PARKING DECAL AT THE POLICE STATION. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD FOR YOUR PARKING NEEDS.  We encourage the purchase of parking decals using a credit or debit card to ensure a speedy process. Please note, our 24-hour parking spaces are limited and parking decals are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please read the following information carefully if you plan to bring a car to campus for the upcoming school year. If ordering online or mailing your application with payment, please note that your decal will be HELD AT THE POLICE STATION for you to pick up upon your arrival to campus. Please click on each of the links below and review them. For Adobe Reader users, certain forms may be filled out FIRST, and then printed.


  • Blackstone Lot
  • 914 Main Street Lot
  • 906 Main Street Lot

The Parking Decal Application form is required for anyone who wishes to park in any of the Clark University parking lots (including commuters). If you are purchasing a decal with a credit/debit card, please click on the “purchase a parking decal using a credit card or bank account routing number” link below.  You do not need to fill out an additional application. Should you wish to mail in your application with payment, please proceed to the “Parking Decal Application Form” link below.

The Out-of-State Motor Vehicle Form must be filled out for every motor vehicle without Massachusetts license plates parked in any of our 24-hour lots. If applicable, please fill out this form and mail it to the Clark Police station. Unlike your parking decal,  this decal should remain on your vehicle for as long as you attend classes at Clark. If you have already received an Out-of-State decal from a previous year, It is not necessary to fill out this form again.


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Parking Information for Visitors

Visitors driving to Clark will find several convenient areas to park while on campus. Parking permits are available from both the Undergraduate and Graduate Admissions offices.

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University Police

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