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Use this form to order food from local vendors (Fantastic Pizza, Acoustic Java, Blue Jeans, etc.) This form assumes you will be printing out the purchase order and bringing it with you. It will not fax or email the PO to the vendor.

If you need to have it faxed or emailed, you should print out the PO and do it manually.

  • All fields are required.
  • If you do not know the exact amount of the order, create a “Not-To-Exceed” PO by entering a maximum dollar amount in the “Not-To-Exceed Amount” field. This is most likely what you will be doing in most cases.
  • If you know the exact items and pricing you are ordering, you may enter them under “Itemized List”
  • Once the PO has been created, find the PO in SmartBuy Plus and select “Print Fax Version” from the “Available Actions” drop-down list and then print out the resulting PO.
  • Sign the PO in the space provided toward the bottom of the page. If using a “not-to-exceed amount”, also write the final total cost on the PO.
  • Give the signed PO to the vendor.
  • As with all other orders, you must create a receipt after you have received the food. For food items, create a “Cost Receipt” indicating the final cost of the order.
  • If you receive an invoice for the food, clearly write the PO number on the invoice (or attach a copy of the PO) and forward it to the Accounts Payable office.
  • To request additional vendors to be added to this form, please email the Business Manager
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