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This form is used in the following circumstances to request payments to vendors when an invoice is provided and the purchase does not require a purchase order.

Please note: Purchase Orders should be created in advance for most purchases. Direct pay invoices should be infrequent exceptions.

  1. If you did not receive an electronic copy of the invoice (PDF, etc.), scan the invoice and save it in a convenient location.
  2. Click on the “Direct Pay Invoice Form” link under the “Miscellaneous Services” section on the main SmartBuy Plus page.
  3. Enter the name of the vendor you are paying. Search for the vendor by entering the beginning or part of the vendor’s name. The list will populate with likely matches as you type. Select the vendor you want from the list. If the vendor’s name doesn’t appear, you can click on the “vendor search” link to search again. If the vendor’s name still doesn’t show up, please view the vendor information instructions.
  4. Enter the invoice number provided by the vendor. If no invoice number has been provided, follow the instructions for creating an invoice number as indicated.
  5. Using the calendar button provided, select the invoice date.
  6. Just below “Attach Invoice Here,” select the “add attachment” option and browse for the previously scanned invoice. This is a required step. The form will not be submitted without this attachment.
  7. Enter the Product Description. Please accurately describe the goods/services being purchased. This text is limited to 37 characters and appears on the check stub that is sent to the vendor with payment.
  8. Under Invoice Amount, enter the full amount of the invoice. Do not include a dollar sign ($) (i.e. 43.28). If the invoice needs to be adjusted, enter the full unadjusted amount of the invoice here and see #10 below.
  9. “Invoice Description” is optional and can be used to provide additional description of the goods/services being purchased. This is not sent to the vendor but is used for internal purposes only.
  10. Use the “Special Instructions” area to optionally provide any special instructions for the accounts payable office.
  11. If the invoice needs to be adjusted (for example if we were billed for sales tax and it should be removed from the invoice), enter the amount of the adjustment/credit and indicate using the drop down box if you expect to receive a credit for the adjustment. Also provide and explanation of the credit/adjustment in the provided text box.
  12. When all fields are completed, select ‘Add and go to Cart’ from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and proceed through the normal checkout process.
  13. Quantity/Cost Receipts are not required (or needed) for Direct Pay Invoices.
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