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The Catering Contract Form must be used for all catering provided by Clark Dining Services (Sodexo). The catering form will create a purchase order (PO) within SmartBuy Plus and Banner. Once the event is complete, Sodexo will issue an electronic invoice against the PO.

Please note that Clark Dining Services needs all catering events to be processed using the Catering Contract Form in SmartBuy Plus as they are now invoicing us electronically and need a purchase order to be generated in SmartBuy Plus for them to bill against and for them to know the event has been

The process below should be completed before the event occurs. If, for some reason, the quote/contract is not submitted before the event, you still need to complete the steps below in order for Clark to get invoiced.

Please follow the steps below when placing catering orders:

  1. Prior to placing your order, please contact Kim MacElroy at extension 7124 to discuss your catering needs.
  2. Once you have determined what you would like to order for your event, Kim will email you a quote/contract.
  3. Review the quote/contract to make sure it is correct and reflects the pricing you discussed with Kim. Save the PDF file of the contract and remember the location you saved it at.
  4. In SmartBuy Plus, open the “Catering Contract Form”
  5. Complete the form, required fields are indicated in bold print.
  6. In the Description field, please enter the “Event Number” that appears in the quote/contract
  7. Please make sure “Quantity” is set to “1”.
  8. Click on “add attachment…” under “External Attachments” and upload the PDF file of the quote/contract that you saved above. You do not need to print out the PDF, sign it, and scan it back in – by submitting the PDF file via SmartBuy Plus, you are providing an “electronic signature”.
  9. Once the form is completed, select “Add and go to Cart” from the dropdown list at the top of the page and click on the “Go” button.
  10. Proceed to checkout and process the cart like you would any other SmartBuy Plus transaction. When complete, the quote/contract will be sent to Clark Dining Services electronically.
  11. Once your event is complete, create a “Cost Receipt” indicating the final cost of the event.
  12. Clark Dining will then invoice Clark for the event electronically – there is nothing you need to do to approve an invoice. Do not submit the quote/contract again as a Direct Pay Invoice or else it could get paid twice.
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  • Purchasing Manager
    Clark University
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  • 1-508-421-7385
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