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Frequently Asked Questions

ALCI Program Information

ALCI is offering intersession workshops. These workshops are free and prepare English Language Learners to succeed in their degree program classes. These workshops are ideal for matriculated students who have yet to enter into their degree program.

Click HERE for information on language and application requirements.

2 English courses and 2 content courses related to your degree.

You will take a course on reading/writing and a course on speaking/listening that will prepare you for success in your degree program.

While in the American Language and Culture Institute,  your advisor will be the acting Program Coordinator on staff, who will specialize in serving ALCI programs. If you aren’t sure who your advisor is, email us at

Complete this application and select EAS.

We only offer our Pathway programs in-person to ensure our students are receiving the highest quality education while studying in our programs. For students who have been accepted into our GPP or IPP programs and want to do online learning, we offer them admittance into the highest level of our English for Academic Success online (EAS) program, which allows them to complete their English learning goals virtually within one semester, before matriculating into their degree program. For more information on our EAS program, please visit Our Programs.

Student Life

Yes, you must apply on the CUWeb. However, housing is limited so you must apply quickly. Otherwise, there are plenty of other housing options in the local Clark neighborhood or downtown Worcester.

Yes! As an ALCI student you are able to access everything that our campus has to offer!

After Completing Your ALCI Program

That will depend on which school you are matriculating into. Each school has different advisors for different programs.

Graduate SPS:
Rich Aroian – MSIT & MDA –
Mary Piecewicz – MPA & MSC –

Graduate SOM:
Kemi Weston – MSA, MSF Academic Advisor –
Meredith Galena – MBA, MSM Academic Advisor –

Graduate IDCE:

Sawsan Berjawi –

Undergraduate advisor: 

Evette Walters –

I-20 Information

Contact the ISSO regarding your I-20 and visa questions.

Visit the International Student and Scholars Office for the most accurate and up to date information.

  • Any time you change programs (move from EAS to Pathway, Pathway to your Degree, EAS to your Degree)
  • If it is set to expire within 6 months
  • Updated financial documents. These documents must be dated from the month that they have been sent and will only be accepted as PDF documents. You may send these to your ALCI advisor.
  • City of birth.

Both of these will be uploaded in your ISSO Student Portal:

As a currently matriculated student at Clark, you can log into your ISSO Portal account by clicking here and using your Clark credentials to access your information

  • You will need a specific amount of funds in your bank depending on your program.
  • These documents must be from within the last 6 months or they will not be used.
  • You need to have that amount in your bank until you receive your new I-20.
  • You then need to download the most recent bank statement and send it to your ALCI advisor.
  • Your documents will be collected using your ISSO Student Portal.

As a currently matriculated student at Clark, you can log into your ISSO Portal account by clicking here and using your Clark credentials to access your information


No. It can be in any bank account.

Yes, you can deposit the equivalent amount of RMB. We use XE currency converter.

Yes, but they need to sign an Affidavit of Support that needs to be submitted.

Until you receive your new I-20.

Contact Information

ALCI Office

Office Information
  • Clark University American Language and Culture Institute
    950 Main Street
    Worcester, MA 01610-1477 USA

  • 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday