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Clark’s English for Academic Success Program and English for the Community Workshops are designed to help our students meet their English language learning goals.

Clark University’s American Language Culture Institute (ALCI) offers English as a Second Language (ESL) programs and workshops. Students from around the world can improve their language skills for academic, professional, or personal reasons. Whether they want to succeed in an American college or university, hold a conversation, or better their professional language, we strive to ensure students’ English proficiency improves.

Why ALCI at Clark?

  • Small classes taught by dedicated, trained professionals
  • A diverse student population
  • Customized feedback
  • Ongoing academic and cultural advising
  • Activities designed to build a sense of community and improve English proficiency

The English for Academic Success Program is for students planning to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree at an American college or university. Our program features five levels of learning; classes for each level include:

  • Writing and Reading (9 hours a week)
  • Speaking and Listening (9 hours a week)

Grammar, vocabulary, academic skills and American culture are integrated into classes.

When you arrive, you will take a placement test to determine your level. Successful completion of the ALCI English for Academic Success Program can be used in place of a TOEFL score for admission to Clark University’s undergraduate programs and graduate Gateway Program.


Term Date
Fall 2018 August 20 – December 10 (15 Weeks)
Spring 2019 January 11-April 29 (15 Weeks)


Summer Tuition:  $4,400 per Summer Session
Fall and Spring Tuition:  $10,000 per semester
Student Activity Fee:  $200

Students in the English for Academic Success Program must  pay a mandatory one-time fee of $200 for orientation and a $200 international student fee; in addition, students are required to purchase health insurance through Clark University.  Information on Clark University’s Health Insurance Plan can be found here.

On-campus housing may be available and is required for students who enter the English for Academic Success Program through Clark University Undergraduate Admissions.  Please contact the ALCI office for information at or +1-508-793-7794.

How to Apply (Required only if you have not completed an application for a Clark University undergraduate or graduate degree program)

  1. Complete the ALCI application
  2. Upload the following:
    • An official financial support statement (bank statement or certified letter from your or your sponsor’s bank) certifying that you have at least $33,500 available to cover two semesters of study, which is an average length of time for students to study in this program.
    • A copy of your passport identity page and of dependents’ passports, if applicable
    • A copy of a translated high school or university transcript

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The American Language and Culture Institute at Clark University offers workshops for our international students, visiting scholars and non-native speakers of English living in the area. Our workshops help improve both personal and professional English communication skills, and feature:

  • Flexible start dates
  • Three hours of classes each week for five weeks
  • A diverse and caring community of learners
  • English learning designed to meet your personal goals
  • Individual feedback on how to improve your English
  • Affordable cost: $150 for 15 hours of instruction

Spring 2019

Our next session will begin March 28, 2019 and will meet on:

  • Thursday Evening ESL Workshops from 6:00pm-8:50pm, March 28 through April 25 (held at Jonas Clark Hall room 218)
  • Saturday morning ESL Workshops from 8:30am through 11:30am, March 30 through April 27 (held at Sackler Science room 223)


Clark University offers a Graduate Pathway Program for students who have TOEFL scores between 75 and 84. In this innovative program, international students take selected coursework — combining language, culture, and graduate study in their chosen majors — to develop the skills and competencies necessary for today’s global marketplace. The program prepares students to succeed in the classroom and, later, in their professional lives.  The program’s key objective is to help students integrate smoothly and successfully into, and to complete on time, a master’s degree program at Clark University. Our Graduate Pathway Program enables international students at Clark University to perform at the same level as domestic students and to be prepared for the U.S. or global job market by the time of graduation. The program mixes content courses with ongoing work to improve written and spoken English, along with intercultural knowledge and skills in the areas of presentation and workplace interactions.

Graduate Pathway Program

Summer English Program-

This 6 week program is designed to help students better their academic English as well as cultural understanding of the US.

Days are divided into two sections:

  • Morning: Integrated Skills- Your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. Grammar, vocabulary, and culture are also developed in this class.
  • Afternoon: Before you arrive, you will be able to choose particular areas to study. Possible classes may include:
    • TOEFL Preparation
    • Contemporary Topics in America
    • Pronunciation and Conversation
    • Writing Skills, which will focus on proofreading and editing


Classes meet Monday-Thursday.  Activities to help students practice their English or learn about American culture are scheduled for Fridays.  Past activities have included:

  • Trip to Newport, Rhode Island
  • Shopping at the Wrentham Premium Outlet Shopping Mall
  • Escape Room of Worcester
  • Six Flags New England


Dates:  July 8- August 16.

Tuition would be $4400*


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Contact Information

ALCI Office

Mailing Address
  • Clark University American Language and Culture Institute 950 Main Street Worcester, MA 01610-1477 USA
  • 508-793-7794
Office Hours
  • 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday