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Immigration Support at Clark

Clark University’s International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) advises more than 1,000 international students, faculty members, scholars, and their dependents from over 80 countries on matters relating to immigration, life in the U.S. and at Clark, and more.

ISSO Department Liaisons

The ISSO has department liaisons assigned to each academic department. Please reach out to the ISSO staff member responsible for your program. Clark administrators who need immigration support may also reach out to the liaisons based on their academic department.

Susannah Marcucci – Director

  • Graduate Arts and Science Programs
  • 3+1+1 Program
  • Exchange Students
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Visiting Scholars
  • American Language and Culture Institute Programs


Amanda Desai – Associate Director

  • School of Management Programs
  • Undergraduate Programs

Nathan Cruz – Intl. Student Advisor

  • International Development Community and Environment (IDCE) Programs
  • Becker School of Design and Technology Programs
  • School of Professional Studies Programs


Through Clark's ISSO Portal, access and upload immigration documents

Contact Information

International Students and Scholars Office

Office Location
Office Hours
  • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    Monday – Friday