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ALCI students at Apex Entertainment Center

Here at the American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI), we do everything we can to give you the best experience while studying in our programs – whether in America or abroad!

From welcoming you in-person or online we work hard to include you in every aspect of life as a Clark student. From planning in-person excursions to exciting landmarks, to virtually connecting you to students from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, and offering you extra academic support throughout their entire time at Clark – we have your back!

Hear from and read about some of our current ALCI students and alumni on their time spent at Clark by visiting our student blog, The Global Review!

Pinxian Zhao

Shandong, China

Pinxian Zhao

“I am very honored to study in ALCL. Although I study online, the professor’s video conferences every two weeks has played an important role in my studies at this stage. Also, weekly online ALCL virtual activities have enriched my knowledge and expanded my vision.”

Xiao Ma

Jiangsu Province, China

Xiao Ma

“My favorite aspects of online learning: Flexibility. In traditional classroom learning, the class time is fixed, and I must arrange a schedule around these dates. However, in online learning, I can set a weekly learning schedule based on the assignments assigned by the professor. Also,  reduced living expenses. Because my home is far away from school, sometimes I need to take Uber to go to school, but there is no commuting cost for online learning.”


Maxim Nazarchuk

Novosibirsk, Russia

Maxim Nazarchuk

“I am definitely enjoying my Coffee Hours at ALCI and I love the atmosphere and spirit of diversity, I like to see different students from different cultures. Although I am not able to come to every Coffee Hour, I am always glad to see smiling and cheering faces and when I come. Such events give me an excellent chance to meet new people and even make new friends. That is really essential for me while studying in the US because I miss my family and friends greatly.”

Rui Huang

Zhejiang Province, China

Rui Huang

“I love the ALCI family. Every week’s coffee hour I can meet them in the corner house and chat with them. Although it is just an hour, I can learn a lot about the American culture. Come and join us!”

Ria Huang

Shanghai, China

Ria Huang

“Unlike the usual courses, the online class requires me to face all the problems, read all the materials by myself, and no longer have classmates to discuss together as in the school. Moreover, it also improved my ability to manage time better and have self-control. This course let me get a more comprehensive understanding of some content, such as how to write an essay in a formal way. All the teachers in ALCI are all very friendly and helped me solve many problems.”


Chongqing, China

Fanru Zhou

“I’ve been in ALCI for four months, studying is important but it’s not the whole thing for students. Different activities could also give students skills outside the classroom, provide a platform to meet more like-minded friends, and broaden my horizon that helps me know local culture and help me integrate into the local life quickly. Interesting activities allow me to enjoy my life and experience different cultures and environments in addition to intense study.”


Gifu, Japan

Tsugumi Yamashita

“I chose Clark University because there is a major that I am very interested in, and also, I like the environment on Clark campus. I’m taking two courses, listening/speaking and reading/writing in EAS level 4. I cannot choose my favorite course because I enjoy both the courses.”

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