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Preparing you for a successful career

Clark’s biology Ph.D. program trains scholars to work in academic and professional fields. Students receive teaching and mentoring experience during the program through assistantships and lab work with both graduate and undergraduate students.

Students are encouraged to participate in off-campus workshops for additional training and networking opportunities, and have access to courses at other local institutions through the Higher Education Consortium of Central Massachusetts.

Where do Clark Biology Ph.D. graduates work?

Graduates of Clark’s Ph.D. program in biology have a record of success securing both academic and nonacademic jobs. Within three years of graduating, most alumni have obtained research- or management-related positions in higher education, government, or nonprofit research or policy institutes.

Of the 37 Ph.D. students who graduated from 2014 to 2018, 27 hold academic positions, and 10 hold positions outside of academia.

Recent placements for biology doctoral program alumni include:

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