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‘There’s a path for everyone, and we’ll navigate it no matter where it takes us’

So says Glory Phipps ’23. Meet Glory and 22 of her peers from the Class of ’23 and explore their achievements, plans, and observations.

Idriss Laouali Abdou, MBA ’23

Master of Business Administration

Andy Acevedo ’23

Major in Management

Camden Benkovsky ’23

Major in Interactive Media

Esha Bharadwaj ’23, M.S.-GIS ’24

Major in Geography; minor in Political Science

Pia Cano ’23

Major in Race and Ethnic Studies; minors in Art History and Global Environmental Studies 

MiKayla Dotson ’23

Major in Psychology, with a focus on Prehealth

Hannah Friend ’23, M.A. ’24

Major in History; minors in Theatre Arts and Women’s and Gender Studies

Shorena Giorgadze ’23

Major in Economics

Nguyen Ha ’23

Majors in Data Science and Computer Science

Alec Hoffman ’23

Majors in Political Science and History

Kira Houston ’23

Majors in Art History and Spanish; minor in Creative Writing

Brynn Keevil ’23

Major in Community, Youth, and Education Studies; minor in Studio Art

Iris Knowles ’22, MAT ’23

Master of Arts in Teaching; B.A. in Biology

Liam Kreibich ’23

Major in Environmental Science, Earth System Science track

Ally Madow ’23

Major in Biology; minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Marimo Oka ’22, M.S. ’23

Major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Glory Phipps ’23

Major in Philosophy

Luke Pound ’22, MPA ’23

Master of Public Administration; B.A. in Psychology

Hope Robinson ’23

Majors in Physics and Chemistry; minor in Mathematics

Jack Rogerson ’23

Major in Computer Science

Alexis Stone ’23

Majors in Sociology and Psychology

Lia Tang ’23

Major in Geography; minors in Data Science and International Development

Max Tickner-Ernst ’23

Majors in Mathematics and Economics